Which wine would your brand be? (Feel free to sample a lot just to be sure)

If your brand were a vegetable, what would it be? I know, sometimes brand strategy questions can seem esoteric and ridiculous. I mean, really, what the heck does asparagus tell me about how I can make smarter marketing decisions and attract more customers, sales and word of mouth? But creating a brand analogy for ourselves can often help us make smarter decisions for our business. … [Read more...]

Why do you do what you do? Ideas to reconnect with your purpose + passion

Your business is an extension of you. It started with an idea and a hope and problem you were itching to solve. A vision of how you could improve someone’s life, work, relationships, self-esteem or home. For a moment, forget about the features and functions. Forget about the “tricks.” Forget about the bonus materials or free reports or “Act by this date” price promotions or 6-week programs or … [Read more...]

Stuck in neutral? 4 ways to reboot your business and rekindle your fire

Ah, the first blushes of entrepreneurial love. The romance! The energy! But what happens when the passion fades and the reality of demanding customers/clients, overwhelming marketing options and painful tasks (QuickBooks, anyone?) creeps in? Suddenly, your business becomes a grind and you find yourself working harder for less reward, less return…and less joy. Your once appreciative and dreamy-eyed … [Read more...]

My big summer risk revealed…want to join me?

I have a scary admission to make to you today, dear reader. (Deep breath) I share this because I think it’s important for us to shake things up every now and then. To wake up those parts that lie dormant by virtue of routine or comfort. And…I’m sharing this before I even know if it’s going to actually happen. Also important. The more shots we take on goal, the more chances we have to … [Read more...]

Calling all dreamers and “doers”: Brand Bootcamp is here!

It's here! It's here! So often, I hear from small business owners and solo entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed by marketing mayhem. Social media, blogging, partnerships, advertising....If one more social media channel surfaces, I think I may hurt someone. Many of these folks are not marketers by training: they are artists, coaches, creators, speakers, authors, therapists.  Some of them have … [Read more...]