What Happens When You Don’t Match Your Brand

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A friend recently passed along this story about branding gone bad. I thought it was so moving it warranted a blog post. Last year, this friend-of-a-friend found herself sniffling into a kleenex at the first of many therapy sessions, pouring her heart out on topics like identity and authenticity. This, in and of itself, isn’t particularly noteworthy; many of us have found ourselves on a … [Read more...]

Ouch! 7 ways to deal with criticism

As many of you know, this summer I’m on sabbatical as I take a 5-week summer acting congress with San Francisco’s American Conservatory Theater (A.C.T.), one of the most renowned theaters and actor training/MFA programs in the country. Alumni include Annette Bening,, Denzel Washington, Elizabeth Banks, Anika Noni Rose and countless other working actors whose faces you’ve seen but whose names you … [Read more...]

The upside of making mistakes….no, really, there is one

Today, a wonderful post from the vivacious Lynn Baldwin-Rhoades, founder of Power Chicks, a networking community for heart-centered women entrepreneurs and rockstars. I loved the lessons in this post so much, I asked her if we could share it. Enjoy! Mistakes hurt. Make one, and you get that yucky pit in your stomach. Often, it comes with a smack upside the noggin and a super-sized side of … [Read more...]

4 powerful business lessons from James Bond and Skyfall


James Bond...entrepreneurial guru? I recently saw Skyfall,, the latest installment in the Bond franchise and it was incredible. Not normally a Bond fan, I loved Casino Royale, wiped the awful Quantum of Solace from my memory, but thoroughly enjoyed this latest turn. The characters were complex and flawed, the performances brilliant, the pace lively and Daniel Craig does wonders for an expensive … [Read more...]

Avoid the strong-arm: 3 tips for smarter small business marketing


I've been hearing some disturbing stories about Yelp's aggressive (and sometimes intidimdating) sales tactics to purchase paid advertising - and recently got to experience it on the phone firsthand on behalf of a local nail salon owner friend. I'm still gathering info about this to approach a WSJ reporter who could investigate these claims further and fairly get Yelp's side of the story. (PS, if … [Read more...]