How to Use a Press Release

1.20.15 press release (blog)

Ah, the poor press release. It’s been abused, distorted, asked to work miracles and is one of the biggest marketing and brand awareness misconceptions I’ve ever encountered in my 20+ year career. Most business owners (and frankly, large company CEO’s) just don’t understand what a press release can – and cannot - do for your business and how to use it most effectively. Some people think … [Read more...]

Brand messaging made simple: Can a six-year-old understand what you do?

Be Bold. Be Brief. Be Gone. These words hung at the desk of a software salesperson at my last Corporate marketing director gig. Ironically, the guy was kind of a windbag but the wise words have stuck with me all these years. Clarity and conciseness are not necessarily hallmarks of my writing. I often play with words to find just the right way of explaining a concept – and have the habit of … [Read more...]

10 ways to boost your brand with LinkedIn

I'm excited to share this guest blog post from my friend and frequent collaborator, Sandy Jones-Kaminski of Bella Domain Media. As I've mentioned before, Sandy's a "social media life saver" and is especially adept at leveraging LinkedIn for marketing and business development. Here's an awesome post from her full of some of her own secret sauce for generating leads and boosting her own brand on … [Read more...]

14 Secrets to Selling $4 Million: How to Find Digital Success Using Old-Fashioned Values

I adore today's guest post from Beth Marbach of Downtown Gal. She spent 12 years building a $4 million designer shoe resale business on eBay. Her story has everything: Scrappy moxie, digital prowess and a health dose of good old -fashioned values that catapulted her to success. Whether your business is online, in an office park or on Main Street, you will devour these 14 secrets which Beth was … [Read more...]

Combining football, business & money into an expert personal brand: A chat with Kristi Dosh


Fall is almost here in my part of the world. Warm sweaters. Pumpkin Spice lattes.  And of course…football season! If you know me, you know I’m a huge football fan, both college and pro. I would never call myself an advanced expert, but I know the game, can recognize many ref calls, and, when my husband wants to wind me up for an amusing rant, he’ll bring up the Wildcat formation (while exciting to … [Read more...]