3 Crafty + Creative Ways to Set Goals

02.24.15 setting goals (blog)

Are you tired of goal setting? Confession time: I’m kind of over it. This, from the woman who used to lay out her new year’s goals in nice neat bullets, organized by category: Fitness, Career Travel…I even had a category for Fun. The woman who makes lists and loves to be measured, assessed, graded. “You’ve never met a test you didn’t like,” says my husband. Yes, I’m a recovering goal … [Read more...]

Heed the mouse: Who do you serve and what do they need?

02.17.15 Brands for all markets (blog)

A trip to Disneyland and my husband’s profound comment recently put me in my place. Here’s the tale: In my own book, Branding Basics for Small Business (2nd Edition), there’s a passage titled: All Markets Have a Brand Need. In it, I seek to clarify that “brand” is not just about high-end “luxury brands” but about being clear and consistent in the audience you reach and the market need you fill. … [Read more...]

The problem with perfection

02.10.15 seek substance before perfection (blog)

I have seen too many smart, savvy, brilliant people let their ideas die on the vine because they want to do something that many of us think is admirable. And it should make all of us angry and sad: They want to be perfect. All the stories that people need to hear. All the talent that could make the world a better place. All the benefits customers and clients are aching to achieve. None of it … [Read more...]

Should you silence the critics? 4 tips to filter criticism

1.27.15 treat critics (blog)

Criticism sucks. No getting around it. Regardless of how good your intentions or how crazy the critic, it never ceases to be a punch to the gut. Here’s the thing: Good intentions can’t protect you from criticism. (Tweet this!) As you may know, I survived a near-fatal brain aneurysm rupture and wrote a book about it to be a voice for brain injury survivors, as well as help anyone bounce back … [Read more...]

All you really have is your story

1.13.15 tell your story well (blog)

Most of us have not invented anything new. We are not doing something customers or clients can’t get elsewhere. We are not discovering a new element or identifying a new species or creating a way for humans to live on Mars. (Some of you may be working on this, but most of us are not). But what you do and how you do it is utterly unique. Because you are the one doing it. We know this to be … [Read more...]