Should you silence the critics? 4 tips to filter criticism

1.27.15 treat critics (blog)

Criticism sucks. No getting around it. Regardless of how good your intentions or how crazy the critic, it never ceases to be a punch to the gut. Here’s the thing: Good intentions can’t protect you from criticism. (Tweet this!) As you may know, I survived a near-fatal brain aneurysm rupture and wrote a book about it to be a voice for brain injury survivors, as well as help anyone bounce back … [Read more...]

All you really have is your story

1.13.15 tell your story well (blog)

Most of us have not invented anything new. We are not doing something customers or clients can’t get elsewhere. We are not discovering a new element or identifying a new species or creating a way for humans to live on Mars. (Some of you may be working on this, but most of us are not). But what you do and how you do it is utterly unique. Because you are the one doing it. We know this to be … [Read more...]

5 must-watch videos to delight your brand, brain and heart

There is such a treasure trove of great videos out there. Videos that make us think, cry, and laugh. Videos that inspire us to action or give us pause in our own lives. And videos that crisply and clearly offer tips to move us closer to our goals. Today, please enjoy these 5 great videos I’ve curated for you, in hopes they will inspire and delight your brand, heart, mind and soul. (Tweet … [Read more...]

Get inspired! 20 of the best branding + business quotes

2015 is right around the corner (seriously?! What the….?!). If you’re like me, you are hibernating in a bit of strategy and reflection mode for what to do with your business or brand in the coming year. For me, it’s about helping you (and myself) create more marketing with meaning. To find a deeper purpose in the work. To stand out by not trying to reach the lowest common denominator but by … [Read more...]

Why you are called to create something that matters

Here's a story as to why I started crying in the Safeway checkout line. There I was, three months after giving birth to my son and buying a few groceries in a rare respite outside of the house. As I waited in line, my eyes scanned across the magazine headlines screaming at me from the checkout stand: “Hate Your Butt? 5 Secrets to A Body You’ll Love!” “Miracle Cream Erases Wrinkles … [Read more...]