Should you silence the critics? 4 tips to filter criticism

1.27.15 treat critics (blog)

Criticism sucks. No getting around it. Regardless of how good your intentions or how crazy the critic, it never ceases to be a punch to the gut. Here’s the thing: Good intentions can’t protect you from criticism. (Tweet this!) As you may know, I survived a near-fatal brain aneurysm rupture and wrote a book about it to be a voice for brain injury survivors, as well as help anyone bounce back … [Read more...]

How to Use a Press Release

1.20.15 press release (blog)

Ah, the poor press release. It’s been abused, distorted, asked to work miracles and is one of the biggest marketing and brand awareness misconceptions I’ve ever encountered in my 20+ year career. Most business owners (and frankly, large company CEO’s) just don’t understand what a press release can – and cannot - do for your business and how to use it most effectively. Some people think … [Read more...]

All you really have is your story

1.13.15 tell your story well (blog)

Most of us have not invented anything new. We are not doing something customers or clients can’t get elsewhere. We are not discovering a new element or identifying a new species or creating a way for humans to live on Mars. (Some of you may be working on this, but most of us are not). But what you do and how you do it is utterly unique. Because you are the one doing it. We know this to be … [Read more...]

5 Books to Ignite Your Business and Brand in the New Year

You have big plans for the New Year. I just know it! You want to build your business, increase your brand awareness, streamline your marketing efforts and, essentially, get your irresistible message out there – with style and grace, naturally. Whether you are a business owner, or have a book, cause, or project to get off the ground, here are five plucky and practical books I recommend to … [Read more...]

3 insanely great ways to thank your customers + clients

11.25.14GiveThanks (blog)

Thank you. Thank you for reading this blog, being a part of this community and creating something wonderful in the world with your business, art or cause. It’s Thanksgiving week here in the U.S. and it’s time to be thankful. We should, of course, be thankful for our fans every day of the year but it never hurts to take a special day out to show your gratitude. How can you thank them? … [Read more...]