Maria helped us get to our core strategic conversations in a very effective Brand Workshop that kicked off our relationship.   This was a key first step in a very successful rebranding of our leading solutions. With her team’s assistance, this new brand voice and look has helped us change the way we talk – internally and externally – and will help us achieve our ambitious corporate vision and goals. – Jade Bourelle, CEO, Talent Technology

I can’t say enough good things about working with Maria & her team. Her professionalism, expertise, and focus are second to none. The brand messaging content and tone delivered were spot on and sounded like my company, not hers. Best part? She’s also fun to work with. Worth every penny. – Elizabeth Noblitt, CEO, Shi Shi Putter

We had ambitious brand goals and Red Slice was our secret weapon for getting things done right. Maria and her team stewarded us through the branding process from strategic positioning, naming, and messaging all the way through our tone, visual ID and website execution. We wanted a brand to stand out and capitalize on our experience and value – with a more human, personal touch – and Red Slice delivered.  With a rare blend of Right Brain and Left Brain thinking, Red Slice was efficient and focused, while also delivering fresh, creative ideas. They never let us drop the ball and they added extra value by recommending best practices and keeping us abreast of industry news and competitor intelligence along the way. Our internal launch energized our staff and the external launches helped us exceed our entire quarterly lead goals with our launch events. Our web traffic is way up, our customer engagement across the entire sales cycle is better, and our brand promise is clear. More than a vendor, Red Slice was truly a partner that cared as much about our success as we did. –  James Thomas, VP of Marketing, Talent Technology

My time with Maria was without a doubt the best investment I have made in my business.  The process from beginning to end was well organized and professional.  It was a step by step plan to organize my vision and marketing goals for the future.  Maria’s expertise in marketing was invaluable as she helped me differentiate myself from my competitors, develop taglines, and organize my marketing plan. Within only one week of meeting with her I have seen positive results. I look forward to utilizing her talents in the future and will recommend her highly to other business ownersTracy Larson, No Makeup Required

As a solopreneur of six years, I had gazed into my own navel for so long I had lost all perspective on what message my business was sending out into the world. I was overwhelmed with the possible choices I could/should be making. I needed help. Maria provided guidance, perspective, and rock-solid instructions for which steps were needed to move my business to the next level. I’ve fallen in love with my business all over again! Hiring Maria was the best business decision I’ve ever made. — Leslie Irish Evans

Maria’s approach to branding is well-honed and most importantly, action-oriented.  Her process to develop findings and recommendations for our brand strategy provided insights that were far greater than what we could have come up with on our own.  The final recommendations from our workshop were focused and inspired, and will be key elements in our efforts to continuing to building a brand that is differentiated from our competitors, attracts customers, and delivers value to our shareholders. – Steve Hartman, (Former) SVP Marketing, CubeSmart

We loved how quickly we were able to discover our evolved brand.  The one day session and pre-assignments were just what we needed with our hectic schedules.  The brand was there within us, but we needed Maria’s expertise and calm but engaged manner to unveil and shape it. We are already seeing growth and have yet to launch our site!  The process energized the team and caused us to all improve our sales skills. Our business is up at least 20% since the session.  I’m not sure where all the credit comes from, but good news is good news.” David Bauer, Partner, Hemispheres Research

Working with Maria transformed my business. She taught me that clarity around your branding story is a critical component to success. The ten questions from Maria’s book formed the basis of a branding document, succinctly summarizing the essence of my brand and the unique vision of the business. The process with Maria enabled me to break through my fears and expand the concept of what is possible for my business. The result – Alinga went from a small hidden space to a modern wellness studio that embodies the Alinga brand in every way. I can’t thank Maria enough! —Andrea Rae, Owner, Alinga Bodywork

It’s such a treat to observe Maria in action — she deftly coaxes clients out of their branding “safety zone,” and into a brave new world of captivating language, clear-cut positioning, and compelling storytelling. Maria brings Fortune 500 insights to nascent start-ups, and infuses established companies with entrepreneurial vitality. As a member of Maria’s battalion of copywriters, I always enjoy her crisp directives, swift-but-sensible deadlines, and sheer, unbridled enthusiasm. Am I stoked to be riding Maria’s coattails? Heck. Yeah. Is she qualified to rebrand, reshape and revamp your business? See. Above. — Alexandra Franzen, AlexandraFranzen.com

Maria facilitated a 3 hour beginner branding session for our yearly strategic planning meeting. We had over 30 diverse people from various backgrounds perspectives and Maria was able to educate, captivate and delight them all. Her clear explanations, strong presentation style and interactive exercises had even our top executives rolling up their sleeves and gaining new insights into our customers’ needs and how we need to position ourselves. We are now well-armed to craft a strong brand strategy and reach our business goals. Our CEO will not sit through any meeting he doesn’t find value in – and he was engaged and attentive until the very end! —  Carole Roquemore, Director of Marketing, Rockview Farms

We engaged Maria to help our company firm up its messaging. We felt we had a strong foundation in our brand but were not communicating our values and services to our stakeholders in a meaningful way. Maria helped us think about our core messages and to draft language and marketing tools that resonate with our customers. Maria kept us on task and on budget and did a thorough job of bringing forward our key messages. Since implementing these tools, we have seen an increase in the quality of prospects coming through our website. We’ve also been better able to communicate our value proposition to current clients and stakeholders. Thanks, Maria, for your great work!   —Michelle Hayden Bomberger, Founder of Equinox Business Law Group

Working with Red Slice helped me to focus on what makes my company special. Maria helped me to really understand who my target client was, so I could better attract those people into my practice. She also worked with me on my key messages – from business plan to elevator speech to website content—clarifying the offerings and benefits so that my potential clients can easily see how I can help them. I am constantly complemented on my messaging— people say they “get it,” which is often tough to get across in my industry. — Rebecca Rodskog, Change Agent & Life Coach, Rodskog Change Consulting

Maria gets it. We threw a huge, confusing value proposition at her and she methodically broke it down into a well-defined corporate message matrix that has proved to be effective in addressing our customer base and all its iterations. If you are an organization that is struggling to convey your value to your audience (s), Red Slice is your firm.— Rob Mathewson, CEO, Geedra

Maria has a way with words – and is my go-to creative brainstorming partner when I need to think about new ways to market my business. She asks the right questions and constantly gets you to think about your brand and ideal audience to ensure every marketing move you make is a smart one. She helped shape CRAVE’s corporate identity and messaging when we reinvented the business – and I get raves about my messaging being so fresh and on-target. She also helped standardize our marketing process for the CRAVE city guides, enabling us to include over 100 women entrepreneurs in SF and replicate that success in other cities. Organized, honest and innovative, she encourages you to dream big while giving sound advice you can act on ASAP. — Melody Biringer, Founder; CRAVE

Being a solopreneur, I was able to get my business only so far before I needed some help with taking it to the next level. I’m so glad I chose Red Slice to help me get there.  Maria is a pleasure to work with, very professional and seriously knows her stuff. We made not only short-term goals but also longer-term goals for my business, giving me a really thorough path for my business growth. – Rebecca Michi, Sleep Specialist

Maria was great at summing up our meetings and keeping us on track. She never let us drop the ball, we always kept moving forward. (The Brand Strategy) is a great tool that will help us have clearer purpose as we make decisions towards growth. I enjoyed the discussions with Maria around what our messaging was and could be. I also like having the Messaging Document to refer to so we don’t have to keep rethinking ideas about our company. Red Slice has been great to work with and I would be happy to work with them again! — Terri Goodwin, Founder Dot Girl Products

Maria rocks! I hired Red Slice to work on my company’s brand strategy, messaging and logo design. I was not an easy client, as I changed my mind mid-project about the business focus. However, she remained patient, friendly, and professional. She helps you put things in perspective, come up with new ideas, and think hard about yourself and your business. Great prep work. Bottom line: it’s been quite a ride, and one I’m happy I took. I can now clearly state what it is I do. I wholeheartedly recommend Maria and her team to create a fresh, clear brand for any business. — Ilona Vanderwoude, Career Designer, CareerBranches

Maria has vision and passion for her work. She is willing to step up and try things that are innovative, and as a result often times put the companies she worked with ahead of the curve. — Scott Lawrence, Creative Director & Interactive Strategist

Working with marketing is not always easy for us ‘creatives’ but Maria Ross belongs to the group that is a joy to work with and a great resource. Her creative eye and strategic thinking makes her a force you want on your team. Her abilities to come up with unexpected solutions, new ways at looking at problems, while never losing sight of the business goals, are rare qualities.
— Isabelle Englund-Geiger, Creative Director, Fox Parlor

More testimonials for Maria’s work can be found on her LinkedIn profile