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  • What Do You Do? How to Nail Your Elevator Pitch

    What does your organization do? Why does this question strike fear into the hearts of new entrepreneurs? And let’s be honest, many professionals and even markteres who can’t quite capture what they do in a clear and compelling way. My friends, we call the proper response to this question  the Elevator Pitch.  What is an […]

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  • Going Back to Office Life: Do Employees Fare Better at Home?

    How do your employees work best? Well, it requires leadership empathy to understand your team best and help them thrive. Today’s guest post addresses the hot question right now of going hybrid or not is the recipe for future performance success. Guest Blogger Stephanie Hendricks is a full time freelance contributor to many leading small […]

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  • What Will Become of the Twitter Brand?

    By now, you’ve surely aware of the Twitter brouhaha. Billionaire Elon Musk now owns the social media platform.  Musk says his goal is to reinstate free speech and get rid of spambots. But with Musk, you never really know what he’s playing at or if he’s just a quirky rich white guy. As one reporter […]

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