How To Explain WHAT YOU DO So More People BUY FROM YOU...

  • Six tips to clearly, cleverly and quickly describe what you do and why it's valuable to people.
  • Three fill-in-the-blank templates to master your elevator pitch and deliver it with flawless style!
Explain What  You Do

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Maria Ross

About the Author

Maria Ross, Red Slice

Think of me as your brand-building muse. Seth Godin meets Tina Fey. Part marketing expert, part psychologist, and part savvy business coach.

Thousands of business owners have followed my advice to boost their brand and clarify their unique story for more attention, clients and buzz. I’m a recurring guest on MSNBC’s Your Business show and I dish out clever advice to solopreneurs, startups and small businesses everywhere through dynamic conference keynotes and columns in and Huffington Post, among many other places. And I wrote the book (literally) on Branding Basics for Small Business. I am passionate about helping you showcase your unique strengths and story to the world so you can craft a plan, focus your efforts, delight your audience and get stuff done.

A Crossfit enthusiast, red wine lover, football fan, trivia junkie, dog fanatic and mom to a feisty toddler and frisky Black Lab mutt, I live in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area but serve clients all over the world.