Free 5-Day Marketing MOMENTUM Challenge  

Discover how to laser-focus your marketing activities to land more of the right clients in less time!

September 18-22, 2017

Let’s face it: most entrepreneurs love what they do, but haaaaatttte marketing it. Who has time to write witty email newsletters, post inspirational Instagram updates, book speaking engagements….not to mention update a website, create fabulous content and – oh, by the way – attract clients?!  

You’ve got the passion, but you are craving focus and simplicity so you can make small, baby steps toward your big, daring business goals.  

This is so doable, and so attainable! You just need a little guidance and a gentle push.

In the MOMENTUM Free 5-Day Challenge, you will:  

  • Strip your marketing down to its barest, most do-able, essentials (ooh la la!)
  • Create content that your audience can’t resist (yes, you will get it done!)
  • Pump up your email sign-ups and attract raving fans who can't wait to buy.
  • Free up your time and tame your marketing to-do list. #Confidence

Each day, you’ll receive a daily caffeine-jolted challenge to MOVE FORWARD on the very things you procrastinate on the most. By the end of one week, you’ll ignite your marketing mojo and you’ll actually get s*it done. Marketing your business should excite you, not exhaust you.  

Trust me: there is a brand and marketing genius inside you, bursting to get out!  

You can do this. And with a pricetag of zero dollars… um, I’m not sure what you’re waiting for!

I needed a jumpstart and a point of focus for my marketing program. Maria’s MOMENTUM program helped me clarify purpose, streamline and focus and helped me past the “what now?” moment! I also loved the comments of others - nothing quite like knowing you are not swimming the high seas alone! I now feel that I have a toolkit for staying clear and purposeful in crafting my marketing strategies.  

– Katherine Henry, Designer/Owner, Arcadia Park Designs

MOMENTUM truly gives you a lot to think about and act on in a very short amount of time. Maria's gives you very specific topics, and finds a way to break them down into something manageable. The Facebook group was wonderful, as it was quite helpful to get feedback from everyone, including Maria. Really exceptional what Maria has put together, and I would highly recommend it—even if you're "established," this is great content to revisit!

– Nathan Agin,

As I’m in the midst of working on the branding and messaging for my blog and entire “creative brand,” even just Maria’s “taster” of the MOMENTUM course was just the kick-start I needed! This was a game changer for me. I really appreciated her real-world advice on social media, how to avoid stretching yourself too thin and how to be consistent. She communicated with enthusiasm and without judgment. Thanks so much Maria and can’t wait to learn more!  

– Jody Yarborough, Jody Write Now

Meet Your Coach

Maria Ross

Maria Ross, Red Slice

Think of me as your brand-building muse. Seth Godin meets Tina Fey. Part marketing expert, part psychologist, and part savvy business coach.  

Thousands of business owners have followed my advice to boost their brand and clarify their unique story for more attention, clients and buzz. I’m a recurring guest on MSNBC’s Your Business show and I dish out clever advice to solopreneurs, startups and small businesses everywhere through dynamic conference keynotes and columns in and Huffington Post, among many other places. And I wrote the book (literally) on Branding Basics for Small Business. I am passionate about helping you showcase your unique strengths and story to the world so you can craft a plan, focus your efforts, delight your audience and get stuff done.  

A Crossfit enthusiast, red wine lover, football fan, trivia junkie, dog fanatic and mom to a feisty toddler and frisky Black Lab mutt, I live in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area but serve clients all over the world.