Discover the practical step-by-step process to craft your story, master your marketing, and attract more clients!

Introducing MOMENTUM Pro

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Are you ready to get your marketing in order and boost your visibility? 

If you’re a solopreneur struggling to master exactly which marketing moves to make, I’m going to reveal how to go from zero traction in your marketing and sales efforts…to making steady sales to quality clients with total confidence in your brand and what you offer.  

Best Part: You’ll save yourself time, money and frustration in the process!

You’ll learn how to laser-focus your marketing activities to build the kind of brand momentum that draws your best prospects right to your front door. 

  • Create an influential, engaging brand to attract the right clients who utterly adore you (ditch the frustrating folks who suck the life out of your business) 

  • Engage in a focused way with the right prospects to convert more prospects into paying clients (eliminate the confusion over how and where to market your business and make every move count)
  • Build messaging, content and offerings that fit your audience perfectly AND position yourself as a thought leader in your field (avoid the guessing game over what your target audience wants)  

If you offer coaching, consulting, professional services or simply need to build a more visible platform and fan base for your online or offline work, you’ll see how simple it is to create an irresistible, influential brand with MOMENTUM…whether you’re just launching or you still struggle to attract attention and gt to the next level after years in business.  

But don’t take my word for it…

4 Entrepreneurs Who Gained MOMENTUM

You may have heard about my coaching program MOMENTUM before, or perhaps it’s your first time. But MOMENTUM Pro is different.

This baby is road-tested!

See, I wanted to make sure it worked. Would people understand my process in a course? Did their results match what I saw in my own business and private clients?  

So instead of rushing to market, I decided to invite a few people to try it out for a year.  

That’s right, after creating MOMENTUM as a live coaching program, I tested and refined it for A FULL YEAR with a select group of entrepreneurs. And then I refined it AGAIN with a new group for six months, stripped it down to the essentials and packaged it up into this fabulous self-study digital program.

When those early students went through the course, this is what happened:

FROM FROZEN TO ON FIRE:I was completely overwhelmed, basically frozen, about how to market my business but Maria does a great job of taking the big, scary idea of marketing and branding and breaking it down into very doable, manageable and, yes, fun tasks. More importantly, they are meaningful and applicable to your business..”

~ Shalimar Beekman, ShalimarB Photography

A CLEAR PLAN FOR THE FUTURE:I came to MOMENTUM feeling unfocused and unsure of the direction my business was heading in. While I loved the content creation facet of my business & wanted to connect more with people in my target audience, I had no idea how exactly to reach those people…MOMENTUM provided me with the skill set & hands-on tools to make branding & marketing an effortless & natural part of my life & business…I know I’ll use Maria’s down-to-earth, practical playbooks & apply her advice to my business for years to come.”

~ Topaz Winters, Writer/Publisher

CENTERED AN UNFOCUSED BUSINESS TO INCREASE SALES: MOMENTUM has truly changed the way I run my business and given me the confidence to focus on what I know and love best. No more trying to please everyone and stressing myself out by taking on work that doesn’t quite ‘fit’; I’ve defined my niche and started to pursue only the work that makes my heart sing. Without MOMENTUM, I could never have given my own business a proper go. Before MOMENTUM, my web design business was getting no work at all. Over the program, I’ve landed and learned from challenging projects and built up a list of amazing, inspiring clients. My website traffic has grown by 300% and I’m ready to tackle the new year with a PLAN and a new confidence. Worth the investment many times over!

~ Cat Wood, Catwood Websites

RESHAPED AND ALIGNED OUR PITCH: MOMENTUM was a game-changer for our business. While we’ve been successful, our branding strategy was out of sync with our work because we were focused on other parts of the business. The program got us focused to clarify our brand, marketing, and value. We reshaped our messaging and pitch which had a very positive effect for us and how we framed our business. MOMENTUM makes it much easier to not only ‘tackle’ our branding needs, but also enjoy the process. We now have a focused marketing game plan to help us with our business goals. We’ll be going back to these Playbooks again and again as we grow.

~ Suzanne Paxton, Co-Founder/Executive Producer, Point Studio

While I can’t guarantee you’ll have the same (or better) results—no one can, and if they do, you should run for the hills—the concepts you’ll discover in MOMENTUM Pro have helped these (and more) savvy entrepreneurs clearly define their brands, streamline their efforts and attract more of the right clients.  

And that could happen for you, too.

But first, who am I? And why did I create MOMENTUM Pro for hustling, entrepreneurs like you?

My name is Maria Ross, and I’m the founder of Red Slice I help entrepreneurs demystify branding so they can land more clients, generate more sales and get more visibility. 

Basically, my style is Seth Godin meets Tina Fey. Part marketing expert, part psychologist, and part savvy business coach.  

Thousands of business owners have followed my advice to boost their brand and clarify their unique story. I’m a recurring guest on MSNBC’s Your Business show, and I dish out clever advice to small businesses everywhere through conference keynotes and columns in and Huffington Post, among many other places.  

And I wrote the book (literally) on Branding Basics for Small Business: How to Create an Irresistible Brand on Any Budget.

I don’t have to tell you how hard it is to juggle marketing with client work while (hopefully) still having a personal life.  

Oh, and looking like you know what you’re doing every single step of the way. I’ve spent years perfecting the process to build an engaging brand and attract the right prospects for hundreds of clients—and in my own business, too. And over time, I shrunk those tasks down into a step-by-step manageable process that gets entrepreneurs results.

You know, so they could do exactly what they need to do to boost their visibility, get more sales and amplify their fabulous work, without getting burned out.

Heck, I shrunk this down into a process so I MYSELF could avoid overwhelm (Remember, I’m a solopreneur, just like you!) I struggle with it too…even though I’m a marketer. In addition to my clients, I have a toddler, husband, dog and countless to-dos so I’m completely with you.  

I thought about how I could mentor others with everything I wish I’d known early on in my business so I could have avoided spinning my wheels – and to share with them what has worked so well for me.  

…And that’s how I came up with MOMENTUM..and then later packaged into this MOMENTUM Pro self-paced program, for you hustling, cut-to-the-chase DIY entrepreneurs!  

You might already know some of my backstory. Over the past 10 years, I’ve maintained a successful business through a freak brain aneurysm, a cross-country move, an economic collapse, and the birth of my first child at 41. 

(And a bunch of less dramatic but still stressful events in life that we all deal with.)  

Any one of these life events can derail a business forever, yet mine has stood the test of time because of the momentum I consistently generate through a strong brand, a focused message, and defined marketing plan.  

No matter what curve-balls (or gifts) life throws my way!

I’m not a “fake it til you make it” kind of entrepreneur. And I don’t want you to be, either. And that’s why I’m here to shoot down the kind of head trash and myths that keep smart entrepreneurs from attracting more clients, sales and recognition. Nobody wants to be the best-kept secret in their field. If you are, it’s time we change that so you can make money and get the recognition your work deserves!

Myth: “Branding is only worth it if you’re a big corporation.”  

FACT: Strong branding is the only way to grow your business in this crowded market. It’s the foundation for every other decision you need to make. If you don’t know what you stand for, how is anyone going to notice you, much less pay you money?  

Myth: “At my size, I can’t afford to be choosy about my clients.”  

FACT: Who you surround yourself with determines your success in life and business, and taking on the wrong clients means your perfect clients will think you’re not the right fit for them. Don’t mistake short-term financial gain for long-term financial success. If you create the right foundation, everything falls in line.  

Myth: “Working all the time is the price I pay for being my own boss.”  

FACT: The most successful entrepreneurs create systems so they can enjoy all the benefits of being their own boss. They work smarter, not harder. Otherwise, what’s the point of having your own business? You’d be better off going back to your old job and having weekends free again.  

MOMENTUM Pro disproves those revenue-killing myths and helps entrepreneurs like you attract more of the right kind of prospects—so you can serve clients you love, make more money while doing it, and still have plenty of time off to enjoy your personal life.

While I love working in this industry, I realize some of my colleagues have fallen more in love with the brand process than the results. They value pretty images and entertaining words over actual conversions.  

I don’t make that mistake.  

Your branding and marketing has to attract clients who want to spend money with you.  

And you have to do it in a way that allows you to stay true to who you are and fits into your busy schedule.  

Because of my vast experience working with thousands of clients and companies—not to mention the extensive testing of the MOMENTUM Pro program—this conversion-focused approach to branding and marketing is exactly what you’ll get.

What is MOMENTUM Pro?

MOMENTUM Pro is a neat, tidy, self-paced program with group support that teaches you, step-by-step, everything you need to know to master your marketing, attract more adoring clients and boost your visibility.

With MOMENTUM Pro you’ll learn all the HOW’s behind those marketing SHOULD’s you keep hearing will grow your business.

It’s a no-fluff, get-er-done jump start to help you attract and engage more of the right ideal clients, generate more sales and establish yourself as a sought-after expert.  

All at your own pace. By the end of MOMENTUM Pro, you’ll have:

  • A clear, compelling brand story that stands out and communicates your value so you’re speaking to the right people…at the perfect time…with the most compelling words…to land more sales.
  • A proven, consistent method to find and attract your ideal clients so they can’t wait to buy from you
    A streamlined marketing plan that marketing and promotion is more focused and effective (not to mention, more fun)
  • Templates for email pitches, sales funnels, blog posts, lead magnets and more!

Even better: You’ll have access to me and custom feedback for the first 8 weeks during weekly coaching calls, plus a supportive community to get feedback on your ideas before you put them into practice. No more feeling like you’re on your own out there!

How It Works

The course is divided into three modules: WALK, RUN and FLY.

Each module consists of 8 playbooks to help you laser-focus on mastering one valuable concept at a time and getting it done.  

Each module builds on what you learned in the last one for—you got it!—MOMENTUM.  

Once you sign up, you will be given access to a page to download all your Playbooks, and you’ll be able to request access to our private MOMENTUM Facebook group. It’s best to do each playbook in order, as the lessons build on each other. 

You’ll Get:

  • MOMENTUM Pro Playbook Library
    24 juicy, creative and practical assignments that put you one step closer to more clients, sales and visibility. These aren’t fluff activities– they’re real-life tasks and assets you can apply to your business immediately. It’s recommended you do them in order…and you can even choose to do one per week to pace yourself and take action.
  • Exclusive Access to a Smart, Engaged Community
    Conspire with like-minded entrepreneurs in our private Facebook group. Here, you can request feedback, ask questions, share resources/referrals and trade best practices and opportunities. I’ll pop in from time to time but this group really is all about the community­ – other super-smart, innovative entrepreneurs who understand your struggles and are full of insightful advice. It includes all MOMENTUM alumni, plus other ambitious changemakers, so soak up their wisdom!
  • The Opportunity to Give Back! 15% of your fee benefitting the American Civil Liberties Union which fights for human rights, immigrant rights, women’s rights, equal justice and voting rights.

Here’s a complete breakdown of what you’ll learn in each of the 3 modules of MOMENTUM Pro.


Marketing Demystified, Build Your Brand Story, Find and Attract Your Ideal Audience  

You’ll break down marketing and planning to end overwhelm, build your brand strategy and laser-focus on who is your ideal client or customer – and how you can find them. In just eight bite-sized, do-able activities, you’ll discover how to:  

  • Set achievable goals that light you up, guide your efforts and save your sanity.
  • Build an authentic brand that helps you stand out and attracts all the right people.
  • Define, find and attract your ideal target client.
  • Confidently and succinctly talk about your business. No more feeling icky whenever someone asks, “So… what do you do?”
  • Strip down your marketing plan for maximum oomph. You’ll be more organized and productive, with more time for friends and family.
  • Create offerings and sales copy that make your prospects exclaim, “Holy smokes, you’re a mindreader! This is exactly what I need. Where do I sign?!”


Clarify Your Unique Message, Create Killer Content, Build Your Tribe of Loyal Fans  

Building on the success of Module 1, you’ll clarify your value, voice and sales pitch so the right people can’t resist you, and discover how to woo them with great content. You’ll learn how to grow your email list and better manage social media and blogging to gain more fans, visibility and oh, yeah, sales! Some of the highlights from these eight Playbooks include:  

  • Discover how to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack so you can stand out.
  • Build a vibrant and engaged email list of fans who hang on your every word and can’t wait to buy from you.
  • Craft messaging that’s so clear, spot-on and delicious, your spine tingles just reading your own website (Yes, even if you say you’re not a writer!).
  • Convert browsers into buyers with authentic, engaging content that is easy to manage and create (You will have the sexiest, most useful blog in town!).
  • Promote your work with grace and style, without having to “sell.”
  • Cultivate creativity for endless content inspiration, plus how to fuel your motivation when you’re so over it.


Manage Your Time With Ease, Make Networking More Fun (and Effective) and Share Your Brilliance With a Wider Audience  

After Modules 1 and 2, you have the momentum to take flight now! You’ll learn how to streamline your marketing and get it all done (and ditch what isn’t working). You’ll also learn how to love networking (yes, really) both online and off and learn how to connect with the right partners, media outlets, and speaking engagements to boost your visibility, attract more clients and make yourself an in-demand thought leader.

  • Slay overwhelm and streamline your social media efforts for more ease, joy and results.
  • Simplify your marketing plan for more focus, less stress and more profits.
  • Master both online and offline networking etiquette, forging authentic connections with people who will refer you business. Plus, I’ll show you how to reach out to “superstars” you admire to champion your work– even if they have no idea who you are!
  • Gracefully set boundaries with clients, partners and others vying for your precious time so you can breathe easier.
  • Discover essential tips and tools to help you plan ahead, automate tasks, and build healthy efficiency habits to lighten your load and remove constant stress and panic.
  • You’re ready to fly! Learn how to boost your personal brand and visibility with a wider audience through speaking engagements, course creation or contributed articles.

“MOMENTUM got marketing more into my bones. The elevator pitch was the most valuable part–what do you SAY to people about what you do. I liked all the lessons, and they built nicely, as they were supposed to. My latest class filled up after sending just one email, and I don’t think I could have done that before MOMENTUM!”

~ Cynthia Spencer

“It’s such a treat to observe Maria in action — she deftly coaxes clients out of their branding “safety zone,” and into a brave new world of captivating language, clear-cut positioning, and compelling storytelling.”  

~ Alexandra Franzen

“MOMENTUM made me stop and think about my business: the why, the how and the who. Why do I do this? How do I grow? Who is my audience? Who are my allies? I tend to get my head down and work IN my business, and this pulled me out and made me work ON my business.    I already have a better idea of how to position myself and own my expertise—MOMENTUM is a great value!”

~ Tina Christianson

Here's why previous solopreneurs bought MOMENTUM Pro:

  • “I was completely overwhelmed, basically frozen, about how to market my business.”
  • “I was feeling unfocused and unsure of the direction my business was heading in.”
  • “I needed a jump start and a point of focus for my marketing program.”
  • “I wanted a toolkit for staying clear and purposeful in my marketing strategies.”
  • “I needed confidence to define my niche and focus on what I know and do best.”
  • “I wanted to connect with more of my target audience but had no idea how to reach those people.”
  • “I want more recognition for my work.”
Sound familiar?!

MOMENTUM Pro Includes..

  • 24 MOMENTUM Pro Playbooks to guide you step-by-step to branding and marketing success.
  • Exclusive Access to the MOMENTUM private community so you can share resources and best practices, network, and get feedback on your ideas and challenges.
  • Help your business, help the world! 15% of your fee benefitting the American Civil Liberties Union which fights for human rights, immigrant rights, women’s rights, equal justice and voting rights.

    The investment for my six-month live coaching program is $4,997 but you’ll pay a tiny fraction of that price for this self-        paced version of the same program. Ah, the joys of DIY!

Here’s What You Need to Know

Similar programs to this cost 2x, sometimes 3x as much And what you’ll learn with me is more robust than what some other “Internet superstars” and coaches offer (I know because I’ve seen their content….it’s great stuff, but my course goes deeper) My mission to make this accessible and useful for you.

But please keep this in mind: If you buy the course today, you’ll become part of the exclusive MOMENTUM alumni community, where you’ll get lifetime access to the program and all updates.

Buy it today, and you get everything I add to it forever. Yay

Get Momentum Pro for only $297!

You’ve got Q’s about MOMENTUM Pro? I’ve got A’s!

“Being a solopreneur, I was able to get my business only so far before I needed some help with taking it to the next level. I’m so glad I chose Maria to help me get there. She is a pleasure to work with, very professional and seriously knows her stuff.”

~ Rebecca Michi, Children’s Sleep Specialist

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