Five Ways Empathy Benefits Your Business

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Empathy is not just good for society, it’s great for business.

Discover why cash flow, creativity and compassion are NOT mutually exclusive, but actually co-exist beautifully for your organization’s success!

Five Ways Empathy Benefits Your Business

About The Author

My name is Maria Ross, and I’m the founder of brand consultancy Red Slice. And I believe cash flow, creativity and compassion are not mutually exclusive. Entrepreneurs and fast-growth business come to me to create irresistible brand stories and messaging so they can stand out and better connect with customers.  

Thousands of fast-growth companies, entrepreneurs, and small business owners have followed my advice to boost their brand and clarify their unique story. My books include The Empathy Edge and Branding Basics for Small Business. See, empathy is the key to brand success. And I understand the power of empathy on both the brand and personal levels: In 2008, shortly after launching my business, a ruptured brain aneurysm almost killed me and inspired my memoir, Rebooting My Brain. Audiences ranging from The New York Times to BlogHer have loved my actionable advice and dynamic keynotes. I’ve been featured in and written for numerous media outlets, including MSNBC,, Entrepreneur Magazine, and