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  • Houston, We Have A Problem

    Nine times…ok, maybe eight….out of ten, you might not have a marketing problem but a communication problem. The more years I spend in marketing, the more I realize the following truths are repeated over and over again. And yes, guilty as charged on some occasions: 1) Marketing does not ask their customers why they have […]

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  • Going Green on Events

    The current “green” fad is such a great cause that I can hide my cringing on how it is being beat to death by marketers (Discovery’s new Planet Green channel? Come’on.) I mean, whatever it takes to save the planet, right? So how about doing something creative with your next marketing event to show your […]

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  • Karen, Go Make the U.S. Popular by Friday

    And you wonder why Public Relations gets a bad rap. PR is really about making sure the truth of your story surfaces clearly and is heard. The dark side of it could be seen as spinning lies for the benefit of greedy shareholders and fat cat executives, but I prefer to see the nobleness in […]

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