Hurrah! You’d like to work with me. Fabulous. Thank you for checking out my policies. Hope these help answer any questions you may have before you jump in.

My re-publishing policy.

If you see something on my blog or in my books that resonates with you — an idea, a quote, a script — please feel free to re-publish it on your own site, in your magazine, in your book, or anywhere else that you like. Oh, and may I add…it thrills me that you love it!

All I ask is that you mention my name, Maria Ross, & link back to my website: RedSlice.com. And please drop me an email if you do, as I’d love to say thanks and possibly promote your good work.

My advice policy.

I love sharing advice with you as often and as generously as I can. My mother always said I was “generous with my opinions” but, with that sarcastic tone and eye roll, I’m not sure she always meant it as a compliment! But please know that while I’d love to help you be fabulous, I do not offer free advice via email or over the phone. I also cannot “Just take a quick peek at your website and tell you what I think.” While I’m always flattered, such commentary with no foundation will not serve you, as there is much more that needs to go into forming any solid recommendations for your brand than a quick glance.

Instead, you have two delicious options.

  1. If you have a general question that you’d like to see me address in a future article or Slice of Advice post, send it to me. I can’t answer every question that I receive, but if I choose to answer yours, I will send you a personal note to let you know. Kind of like the Dear Abby of Branding.
  2. You can book a Brand Booster session to dig into a specific challenge or need you may have around your branding and marketing efforts. Yes, you and me on the phone for 90 juicy minutes. This is a coaching session, so the agenda is driven by you – it’s more useful for you if you’re as specific as possible. “What should my brand be?” is not specific and requires way more time and money than 90 minutes, or you can book a signature SLICE Session for that.

My “comment” policy.

I currently accept Comments on my blog and encourage you to share your feedback. Please keep all comments thoughtful and respectful. Red Slice is a positive Love Zone! No personal attacks, inflammatory speech or hate speech will be accepted or your Comment will be removed.

If what I write inspires or delights you, that is reward enough for me! So feel free to NOT leave a Comment and instead share the info on social media or use it as fuel to finally take action on your own creative and business efforts.

My return/refund policies.

What?! You don’t love me?! I kid. There are always times when something might not be for you. These return/refund policies differ by offering and will be posted within the offering page OR spelled-out in the contract (if applicable). In general:

  • My consulting packages require a non-refundable deposit upfront for the work I will put in before we begin. The Brand Booster phone session, however,  is completely non-refundable.
  • My digital products are only refundable within 48 hours of purchase if they are not what you expected, not because you simply had no time to work on them. Keep them as a resource for when you have time.
  • My courses or workshops are non-refundable.
  • Any affiliate offerings or courses you purchase through me or referrals whom you use are under the claims and policies of that provider, not me. Although I never recommend anything or anyone I do not believe in!

It’s important to note that I offer strategic advice. I do not make any claims of a guaranteed increase in revenue, customers, clients or sales. I simply provide you with tools, copy, creative ideas and recommendations based on my years of experience that may offer the best outcome for your goals.  You are the final decision maker and implementer and you know your business the best. The advice and recommendations you receive from me require that you take the next steps with your own time, energy and budget. But when you become my client, you become a client for life and I will never abandon you: If you are not satisfied for any reason, please give me the courtesy of letting me know directly first, so we can get you what you need!

(But I’m not worried: I have a strong feeling you’ll love what you find here!)

Thank you for reading my policies. Now let’s get this party started!

These were inspired by two wonderful colleagues: Melissa Cassera and Alexandra Franzen. Alex also has some great advice if you’d like to write your own.

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