Strategic Advisory

Your expert partner to connect and engage with the people who matter most.

From colleagues to customers, it all comes down to PEOPLE. And when your organization faces challenges, it’s almost always about people.

On a very exclusive basis, I support C-suite and brand leaders in leveraging empathy to better connect and engage with internal or external stakeholders.

I work with you at the Leadership, Culture, or Brand levels to better attract ideal customers, tell a unique and compelling story, and articulate USEFUL mission, vision, and values to energize your employees and attract top talent.

If you’re a CXO, marketing leader, HR leader, or entrepreneur struggling with:

  • Failure to align on goals, purpose, values, positioning, or brand story differentiating in a tight market
  • Launching a new company or innovative offering into the world a disengaged team, or customer base
  • Stagnant or slowing sales, Losing market share to the competition
  • Feeling like your brand is invisible, and your brand story is boring, unoriginal, or non-existent
  • Lack of clarity about your purpose, values, core value proposition, or what your customers really want and/ or need
  • Inconsistency. Second-guessing where to focus your time, energy, and resources
  • A desire to refocus, realign, and reenergize to magnetize a new audience and/ or market

Strengthen from within to catapult impact.

The root of so many of these tough challenges – dysfunctional teams, missed product launches, angry (or fickle) customers – is a lack of empathy. Let’s infuse empathy into your leaders, culture, or brand for radical success.

Connect and engage teams to foster innovation, collaboration, loyalty, and higher performance.

Connect and engage with each other to boost innovation, retention, morale, and productivity.

Connect and engage with ideal customers to increase loyalty, profitability, growth, and impact.

Let’s infuse empathy into your leaders, culture, or brand for radical success.

How I Can Help

Advisory and consulting services

Leadership: Empathetic leadership drives performance and profit

Discover the business case for empathy and shore up your leaders’ (and aspiring leaders’) empathy muscle to accelerate revenue, boost performance, and harness innovation. I deliver leadership trainings, help you put together a sustainable curriculum, and advise executive teams on how to align the team on mission and message to move FASTER.

Maria is an engaging, inspiring speaker who brings all of her knowledge, life experience, and delightful personality to her speaking engagements. Over the course of our 3-day leadership retreat, Maria’s presentation was the favorite! She helped the group understand the business case for empathy and provided practical tools and strategies for strengthening empathy in the workplace.

Jaime Goff PHD, SHRM-CP Director of Leadership Development,  CHRISTUS Health

Culture: Empathetic teams creates Strong, successful organizations

Get ROI on an empathetic culture to engage top talent and attract even more. Plus, foster collaboration, unleash innovation, and increase engagement. With my fabulous expert partners, we can assess culture, engagement, messaging, and provide a plan to ensure your culture is perfectly poised for the new world of work.

Maria and I partnered on a global webinar on empathy. She was an incredible partner during every step of the process. She is proactive, brings data and stories to the audience, and is a terrific conversationalist. I highly recommend her – especially given the relevance of her content today.

Aaron Hurst, Founder, Imperative

brand: Empathetic brands are unignorable and attract loyal customers.

Connect and engage with your ideal audience and create an unignorable brand story and messaging that accelerates growth and dominates the market. Through our proven and efficient 6 week process, we will co-create a stand out, compelling brand story with 100% internal buy-in to fuel growth

We needed to update and evolve our brand story and differentiators, and hired Red Slice to partner with us on this work. Maria “gets it” – her background in tech marketing, her proven methodology, and her high degree of empathy and ability to work with non-marketing stakeholders made our project a success. Maria and her team delivered a high-quality, scalable, and exciting brand platform that will help take our business to the next level.

Gina Hortatsos, CMO, LogicGate

brand Boost A quick-shot of brand or business advice + ideas in 90 minutes

Need a boost for your brand or business? Got a big idea for your brand, culture, book, or next new offering? Need a sounding board to clarify your vision and take your next step? Let’s talk and you’ll get a tough love sanity check that you’re making the right moves to connect and engage your audience.  In this value-packed 90 minute coaching session, we’ll articulate goals, brainstorm solutions, and kick-start your ideas into action.

Our Brand Booster Session was excellent! Thank you for your valuable insights around my next-steps. I don’t know how anyone could haphazardly do all this without the guidance you give in your book and expect to have any success. You have cut my time in half (at minimum) to get my efforts going and easily saved me third of my budget had I tried to do this without your expertise.

Laura Amendola, Financial Advisor and Creator of Wealthcare 4 Widows

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