• Why Can’t Love Be Part of Your Business Model?

    Why Can’t Love Be Part of Your Business Model?

    Think about your organization’s values for a sec. Oh, and if you don’t have those articulated, we should probably talk!  I bet you have values such as integrity, honesty, innovation, fail fast, or others that are similar. Maybe you have something like, Take Risks or Customer Obsession, or even as one client of mine did […]

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  • Employees: Empathy is a Two-Way Street

    Employees: Empathy is a Two-Way Street

    We’ve been talking a lot about empathy in leadership. And after years at his, I’m realizing that many of us empathy activists might be perpetuating a problem:  Some employees and team members think empathy is just a one-way street. I’m not going to point any generational fingers at anyone, but many leaders I speak to […]

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  • Reinvent or Renew in the New Year?

    Perhaps a new way to approach your new year’s goals this year is to decide: Do I want to reinvent or renew? This question asks you to reflect on how the last year went for you, which is a much more nourishing way to plan for the future.  As a recovering Type A overachiever, my […]

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