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Discover the key to attracting more of your ideal clients.

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When you talk about your business, do people say, “I need THAT”?

If your brand story isn’t nailing it, you’re in the right place. I help entrepreneurs craft brands that captivate the right audience, build followings, and create more impact.

In my 25 years as a branding and marketing strategist, I’ve heard the same thing from both small and large businesses.

“My problem is, I know I could get the right customers if I could nail how to talk about this thing.”

You may know what you do well, but figuring out how to market it can be overwhelming. And, if you don’t “nail it,” it can stall your business and even make you question your own decisions.

Fortunately, I’m going to help you with the key to a breakthrough brand story.

Get the story right for your brand.

Sometimes your story doesn’t work because it’s too product-focused or confusing. Other times it’s because your business has evolved and there are so many things you could say about what you do, but you don’t know which one is right. If you want to nail your story, you have to get to the heart of the problem and see it through the lens of your customer.

Empathy at the heart of your brand story is the key to attracting the right audience.

Here’s why. A brand is a community.

If you’re trying to attract clients or a huge following on social media, your podcast, email list, or whatever … THAT is a community. And a community is built on identification. People have to see themselves in your product.

Your customer will strongly identify with you if you demonstrate empathy for their needs, situation, and experience. You will no longer need to chase the customer; they will chase YOU.

Picture what empathy could do for you:


Clients believe in you. They see themselves achieving their goals with your offerings.


They subscribe to your community and become raving fans.


They HIRE you! And tell friends and colleagues about you.

Empathy benefits brands significantly

Healthier market performance and longevity

Increased customer loyalty

More forgiveness to failure

Serious momentum from referrals

Create a breakthrough story for your brand.

Join me for my 5-week Breakthrough Brand Story course to transform your brand strategy, story and business results. Videos, worksheets, and live weekly coaching calls.

By the end of the experience you will have a brand strategy and story that stands out, accelerating your revenue and impact. You’ll clearly understand the key goals and desires driving your customers. What they want. What they need. Why they need it. You will better attract the right clients and your business will soar!

Three powerful questions will drive your brand story breakthrough and move your business forward.

How do I connect?

Know you. Know your customer. And know how to put them together.

  • Define what you want to do most. State your Why. And build your manifesto
  • Listen up and listen in on your customers to understand their situation, what matters most, and why it’s important
  • Build ideal profiles so you can see the person behind the problem

How am I different?

Audit yourself. Spy on the competition. Define your strengths, assets, and preferences.

  • Conduct easy competitive analysis
  • Surface your brand attributes
  • Know how to position your “different”

How do I say it?

Put it all together in a Messaging House

  • Craft your own positioning line
  • Create a brand promise that states the value you provide and why it matters
  • Write an origin story that captivates the right people who can’t wait to work with you

The Value You’ll Get!

You’ll walk away from this course with a clear and compelling brand strategy and story, so you can achieve your goals. You’ll have the foundation you need to make all your marketing efforts click and easily flow! You’ll develop a profound understanding of your purpose, your customers, and how they align so you can have real impact on real lives.

Gain the focus, clarity, and confidence you need to get to the next level and make your work matter. Specific deliverables:

  • Brand Strategy and Story – The solid foundation that guides all your marketing, content, and so you can stand out and close more deals.
  • Core Value Proposition – Memorably and clearly communicate what you do, who you serve, and why it matters to them. (And turn it into a killer elevator pitch!)
  • Ideal Client Profiles – Guide all your copy and content so you instantly captivate the exact people you want to serve.
  • Website Content – Craft your mission, vision, values and website About, Page and Manifesto so visitors clearly understand why working with you is the right choice. And fall in love with your work all over again!
  • Social Media Profiles – Shine online and build your influence, reputation, and brand. Consistency is key, and you will have all the tools in your toolkit to easily shine.

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Meet Maria Ross

The empathy in business woman

My name is Maria Ross, and I’m a speaker, author, podcaster and the founder of brand consultancy Red Slice. I believe cash flow, creativity and compassion are not mutually exclusive. Entrepreneurs and fast-growth businesses come to me to create irresistible brand stories so they can stand out and better connect with customers. 

Thousands of fast-growth companies, entrepreneurs, and small business owners have followed my advice to boost their brand and clarify their unique story. My books include The Empathy Edge and Branding Basics for Small Business. And I’m the host of The Empathy Edge podcast. 

See, empathy is the key to brand success. And I understand the power of empathy on both the brand and personal levels: In 2008, shortly after launching my business, a ruptured brain aneurysm almost killed me and inspired my memoir, Rebooting My Brain. 

Audiences ranging from The New York Times to BlogHer to Salesforce have loved my actionable advice and dynamic keynotes. I’ve been featured in and written for numerous media outlets, including MSNBC, NPR,,, The Huffington Post and Entrepreneur Magazine.

What business owners say about Maria.

“I really wish I had done this earlier with Maria…it’s one of the best things you can do for your business!”

Guy Bauer
Umault Video Marketing

“We reshaped and aligned our pitch. It was a game-changer for our business. We now have a focused marketing game plan to help us with our business goals.”

Suzanne Paxton
Co-Founder/Executive Producer, Point Studio

“Maria deftly coaxes clients out of their branding “safety zone,” and into a brave new world of captivating language, clear-cut positioning, and compelling storytelling.”

Alexandra Franzen
Copywriter, Founder
Get It Done

“My latest class filled up after sending just one email, and I don’t think I could have done that before working with Maria!”

Cynthia Spencer

Founder, Really Clear Designs

The Empathy Edge

Brand Story Breakthrough Workshop

$9,297 value in a 5-week workshop

Cost Item

$297 5 empathy-focused playbooks

$3000 Weekly 1hr live brand strategy group coaching calls and private group discussion

$6000 Coaching on brand story messaging house, social profiles, and about pages

Additional Bonus!

Get 10 Questions to Help You Build Your Brand Strategy FREE

Find Success, Help Others: Win WIN!

I am all about giving back, so when you sign up for Brand Story Breakthrough, you’re not only investing in your success, you’re helping others: 10% of your fee will go to the International Rescue Committee (IRC) he’ping refugees from Afghanistan and Ukraine, among other places, find security and support.


Week 1

Know Yourself

Lesson 1: Your Why
Lesson 2: Manifesto
Lesson 3: Your Goals

Week 2

Know Your Customer

Lesson 1: Listen up
Lesson 2: Listen in
Lesson 3: Ideal Customer Profiles

Week 3

Know How You’re Different

Lesson 1: Strengths and weaknesses
Lesson 2: Spy on Your Competition
Lesson 3: Brand Attributes & Vibe

Week 4

Build Your Messaging Platform

Lesson 1: Positioning What You Do
Lesson 2: Key Client Benefits
Lesson 3: Your Differntiators

Week 5

Putting it All Together: Final Story

Lesson 1: Core Value Proposition & Elevator Pitch
Lesson 2: Website “About”Page
Lesson 3: Company Descriptors and Social Media Profiles

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