How to make your brand shine: This Sunday in Seattle.

Want more brand “oomph” on your website but don’t have lots of time or money to create elaborate videos or podcasts? The unstoppable forces known as the Sisters of Sizzle, Elise and Jill, will be hosting a Create Your Sizzling Spotlight Event coming up this Sunday from 10-4pm in Seattle called "Be the Star of your Own Interview

At this special event, you’ll spend a half hour in the Contact Talk Radio professional recording studios, where Elise and Jill will help you create your custom
audio interviews to add some pizzazz to your website and enhance your brand. There are 3 packages available.

All Packages Include:
• A half hour in studio, professional produced and recorded with equipment providing outstanding sound quality.
• Professionally recorded interview wrapped with personal introduction and Sisters Of Sizzle bumper music.
• 3-minute and 10-minute interview on topics/services of your choice.
• Free tele-class and handouts outlining Elise and Jill’s signature exercises to help prepare your questions and answers.

If you’ve been looking for a cost-effective, easy way to connect with customers and grow your brand, don’t miss this. These gals are even featured as a case study in my branding book, which by the way, launched yesterday!

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