Lights, Camera, Action! 10 posts on marketing lessons from your favorite movies

We all love a good movie. When the perfect plot, setting, dialogue and characters combine with just the right mix of drama, humor and conflict, alchemy takes place and the film magically never leaves you.

There’s a lot we can learn about business and marketing if we study films themselves, as well as the promotional buzz that often accompanies them. Whether you see a big studio blockbuster with publicity tie-ins and product placement, or witness the genius of a quiet groundswell that builds for a beautiful indie film, you can learn a lot if you study and apply many of the same principles to your own business. I often get great ideas from innovative efforts that filmmakers make to get people to notice and talk about their art.

You must agree because one of my most popular posts has been the 4 business lessons you can learn from James Bond in Skyfall

In honor of my impeding sabbatical to take a summer acting program with San Francisco’s American Conservatory Theatre, enjoy this link round up of ten blog posts that  show us what movies can teach us about marketing and business.

  1., Learning Business from the Big Screen
  2., 4 Business Lessons from Quentin Tarantino Movies by Lindsay LaVine
  3. BusinessZone, 10 Great Movies and the Business Lessons They Teach Us by Lucie Mitchell
  4. Eloqua, Modern Marketing Lessons From The Godfather  by Amanda Batista
  5. Marketo, 5 Marketing Lessons from Spinal Tap by Jason Miller
  6. David Amerland, Four Marketing Lessons Taught by Skyfall
  7. Trendslide, 5 Marketing Lessons From The Dark Knight Rises by Jeffrey Vocell
  8. Sparksheet, Marketing Lessons from The Hunger Games  by Amanda DiSilvestro
  9. Covalent Marketing, Marketing Lessons from 2013 Oscar Nominees by Debbie Rosenfeld
  10. Likeable Media, Marketing Lessons From The Year’s Top Films by Jenna Lebel

Which of your favorite movie/business metaphors would you like to see? Which movies have taught you a bit about the world of marketing, promotion and business? Please share in the Comments!


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