WELCOME! I’m so glad you’re here to learn step-by-step how to attract more clients, increase your sales and be seen as the brilliant thought leader that you are.

You are doing amazing work in the world – and the people who need what you’ve got the most simply must know about you. This program is designed to help you master your marketing and take the right action steps to tackle all the HOW’s behind the marketing SHOULD’s.


Obviously, this program is self-guided and stress-free. You can take it from your home office, favorite coffee shop or lakeside AirBnB. Since you are getting access to everything at once, it might be tempting to pick your “favorite” Playbooks and only focus on those.

Here’s why that’s a bad idea: The Playbooks are designed to give you a firm foundation and one builds on the next. You will work on fundamentals first and then refer back to work you did in earlier Playbooks as you go along.

To get the most out of your experience, please complete the Playbooks in order. Trust me, you’ll see why!

Here are some other tips to help you make the most of MOMENTUM Pro:

  • Create a digital folder called MOMENTUM Pro and store all your Playbooks in one place. You can also download all the Playbooks at once without having to come back to this page again.
  • Pace yourself. You may want to do one Playbook a week, as my live coaching students do. This will keep things doable and manageable so you don’t lose momentum.  TOP TIP: Block out one to two hours of MOMENTUM Pro time on your calendar every week as it’s a VIP meeting with your most important client: YOU.
  • If you get stuck, please reach out on the Facebook group and ask others for help, resources, advice or best practices. That’s what this community is here for! And I will occasionally be chiming in on the group s well.
  • Set aside a working space. Wherever you decide to work on MOMENTUM Pro, make it a quiet, distraction-free space for yourself. Shut off your phone and your email and focus on making your goals a reality.

If you have any questions as you go along, please either tag me on the Facebook group with your question (as others may have it, too) or ping me directly at maria (at) red-slice  (dot com).

Now get after it, you MOMENTUM (Pro) Seeker! I can’t wait to watch you shine.

Best regards,

MODULE 1: Walk

Marketing Demystified, Build Your Brand Story, Find and Attract Your Ideal Audience  

Playbook 1: Your End Game

Playbook 2: Revisit Your WHY?

Playbook 3: Nice to Meet You!

Playbook 4: What’s in your Brand Arsenal?

Playbook 5: Who’s in Your Tribe?

Playbook 6: Listen In, Listen Up (Part 1)

Playbook 7: Listen In, Listen Up (Part 2)

Playbook 8: Find Your Joy, Find Your Tribe

MODULE 2:  Run

Clarify Your Unique Message, Create Killer Content, Build Your Tribe of Loyal Fans  

Playbook #9: Spy on Your Competition

Playbook #10: What’s Your Vibe?

Playbook #11: Build Your Messaging House

Playbook #12: Soulful Selling

Playbook #13: Rally Your Tribe 

Playbook #14 The Art of Seduction

Playbook #15: Be a Tour Guide 

Playbook #16: Bring Sexy Back to Your Blog 

MODULE 3: Fly!

Manage Your Time With Ease, Make Networking More Fun (and Effective) and Share Your Brilliance With a Wider Audience

Playbook #17: Let’s Get Social!

Playbook #18: Simplify Your Marketing Plan

Playbook #19: Gracefully Gather Praise

Playbook #20: Networking Offline: Live and In-Person

Playbook #21: Networking Online: Socially Connect and Thrive

Playbook #22: Healthy Habits

Playbook #23: Defining Your Borders

Playbook #24: Your Big Idea

Playbook: Keep the MOMENTUM Going! Do this one at the very end, ONLY when you’re all done with the other Playbooks!

And my gift to you….THREE BONUS PLAYBOOKS!

A big part of the promotional puzzle is to take care of YOU as your most important business asset. So much of your marketing success has to do with your mental game. Are you coming at it overwhelmed, stressed and strained? If so, that’s how your marketing will come across and that’s not compelling to anyone.

But if you can take some time to take care of your own soul and creativity, your promotion will flourish. It will be light, focused and truthful. And quite frankly, FUN. Enjoy these bonus playbooks to get into the right healthy frame of mind.

Playbook: Recharge + Retreat – How to keep your energy up when you are doing everything in your business.

Playbook: Awaken Your Inner Storyteller – How to sharpen your writing muscles and release your creativity to tell a great story.

Playbook: Summon Your Muse – How to spark your creativity when you need it most…and are tapped out.