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Many of you count on me for strategic branding advice, juicy stories and tough love practicality.

Now I’m hoping I can count on you!

We’ve all seen the shift in book publishing these days with more power than ever in the hands of authors – and their loyal fans. Social media rules. Referrals spur action.

In my role as storyteller, I recently wrote a book called Rebooting My Brain:  How a Freak Aneurysm Reframed My Life. It’s the story of my near-fatal brain hemorrhage a few years ago, my recovery journey and what it took to reboot my life in better, more inspirational ways. With humor and heart, my goal is to educate others about the surprising effects of brain injury and inspire anyone to learn and grow from crisis.

You can help me with this mission. And get some fabulous goodies in the process!

On May 1, the print softcover launches for purchase. I’ve already received emails from people who were inspired, moved, educated and even enjoyed my cheeky humor. Brain injury survivors have reached out, thanking me for sharing this experience so they feel less alone.

Just this week, the San Francisco Book Review sent me their draft review: “Her experiences strike me as authentic, compared to many other memoirs. She truly writes with unabashed candor… She’s humorous and honest…Her reflections on the tenuous, and even frivolous, nature of health are touching.”

I’m honored and amazed. And I’d love your help in getting this book into the hands of even more people who need to hear the message.

On May 1, online retailers like Amazon will ship out the first Rebooting My Brain print  pre-orders.  The first week of sales is especially crucial to boosting rankings, increasing visibility – and in my wildest dreams, getting listed on the New York Times Bestseller List.

This is where I need your help to educate, inspire others – and support a good cause at the same time. For all May sales, I’ll be donating 10% of net to The Brain Aneurysm Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to awareness, education, support and research funding to help prevent the incidence of brain aneurysm ruptures.

Together, we can do this. How? Glad you asked…

1. BUY THE BOOK! From now until May 8, I’m offering a digital swag bag of goodies, including free book chapters; discounts for books, communication course and assessment tests; and a VIP invite to a private author conference call. Find out more about who’s offering what here. Remember, the more sales we can drive in the first few days, the better. If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, please take advantage of this digital swag bag – and tell others about it.
2. ALREADY BOUGHT THE BOOK?: Thank you so much for your support! Posting an online review would really light my fire (and help with rankings) You could write a few sentences and have it ready to post to Amazon or wherever you bought the book online, anytime after 12:01am May 1.
3. SPREAD THE WORD: You can help in any way that feels good: online, offline, text, skywriting…seriously, if you can score a free billboard, we need to talk. Below are some options, so please choose whichever works best for you – and hear my “Thank You!’ echoing back to you through the universe.


Got a blog?

  • You can post free sample chapters for download or point them to the official website.
  • You can review the book: Email me to request a free advance review copy.
  • You can interview me: I can offer your readers fresh content via a written, audio or video interview (or guest post) on book topics including inspiration, facing fear, living with brain injury, how I rebooted my business after a hiatus, or even just the writing and publishing process. Download the media sheet for more ideas or ping me with suggestions.

Got social media? 

Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn posts rock. Or pin the book cover to Pinterest. Here are some post ideas for your convenience, but feel free to get creative:

Get inspired & educated about #braininjury with powerful new memoir #rebootbook @redslice:

How to face the fear and turn crisis into opportunity #rebootbook @redslice:

Looking for a humorous and heartfelt memoir? Grab #rebootbook by @redslice

I’m loving #rebootbook by @redslice. Get inspired!

Get inspired and grab some cool goodies from @redslice #rebootbook (this one links to the Promotion Page with launch incentives)

Got a voice?
Please call your favorite local bookstore and ask if they’ll be carrying REBOOTING MY BRAIN. Since I’m not with a big fancy publisher, they probably won’t stock it unless asked, so this may be the push they need to find it through the distribution catalog.

Got friendships with any magazine writers or are you related to Matt Lauer? Again, we seriously need to talk….

Again, check out the Launch Goodies and order now…if you want to order in bulk, please email and we’ll make it happen for a discount.

On a personal note, thank you so much for your continued support of Red Slice. Many of you encouraged me to write this book and get it out into the world,  and I hope it indeed inspires you to reboot and reframe your life in ways you never thought possible.


MEDIA KIT PAGE with bio, book images, excerpts and interview questions: CLICK HERE.




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