Shift Your Marketing Mindset

I want you to shift your thinking. 

I want you to shift your thinking about promoting and marketing your valuable work. 

What you do is valuable. It enhances people’s lives. It enhances their work whether you sell B2B or B2C, and you know it. 

So if you are not excited when talking about your business, if you shy away from sharing your philosophy and your values around the work that you do and why it’s different from what someone can get elsewhere…

…you’re going to have a problem with marketing effectively. 

The bottom line is: If you are not your biggest fan, no one else will care. You have to be the most excited, the most passionate, the biggest cheerleader for the work that you do, because that’s what’s going to attract people to want to work with you. 

It doesn’t mean it’s an ego trip. It doesn’t mean you’re just talking about yourself, but if you find joy in your work, you need to share that story with your ideal prospects so that they can get excited too. 

Again, if you have no passion and joy for talking about your business, if you downplay it, if you hide, if you’re bashful about it, no one else will be able to see the beauty of it. 

You have to be your number one fan.

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Photo credit: Frank Leuderalbert at Unsplash

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