Virgin America and Google Team Up

Excellent promo contest by Virgin America (my new fave airline, BTW) and Google called “A Day in the Cloud”. On June 24, they are going to be executing an Internet scavenger hunt to promote Google apps – and are offering WiFi to VA passengers that day to do it while they are in the air. I signed up out of sheer curiousity.

What was fantastic about this promotion was that I got an email today with a link to Tweet about it. When I clicked the link and signed on to my Twitter account, it auto-populated my Tweet with the info, which I then could edit if I wanted. What an easy way to get viral buzz going! I assume this is just a bit of code they put into the email they sent me. Wouldn’t be hard for a techie to figure out.

Our moral: The easier you can make it for people to spread the word for you and create buzz, the better. And on a branding note, I can’t think of a better combo to pull off a promotion like this, aimed at web-savvy, young professionals who probably travel a lot for business and pleasure. That is effective, creative partnering on both companies parts.

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