Welcome to Red Slice Brand Slice! In this blog, I hope to open a dialogue with you about branding and marketing and what makes it work. I’ll share interesting tidbits, talk about cool – or not so cool – marketing ideas I’ve seen, and solicit feedback on how you are using the tenets of brand – of your core juice, your very essence – to deliver a holistic experience to your customers that extends beyond a pretty logo.

Brand is not just the visual aspect of our communications, like a website or a business card. Brand goes deeper. It’s your DNA, your true essence, your reason for being. Once your brand strategy is defined, every decision you make is informed by that. From your office decor to your website messaging to your product naming. Without this firm target in place, you are just making decisions with the wind – and your customers will be confused.

Branding is not rocket science either. It just requires thought and discipline to ask the right questions up front and ensure everyone you hire believes and understands those tenets so that every touchpoint with a customer tells the same story. Consistency breeds clarity. And clarity helps you laser focus on exactly the right people with whom your story will resonate. You know the old 80/20 principle? 20% of your customers yield 80% of your profits? Brand helps you clearly find and communicate with the RIGHT 20% so you only spend time and effort reaching the people that matter most, your tribe, if you will.

Join me on this fun journey of seeking out tips and ideas for juicing up your own marketing, and thus your revenues. Welcome aboard!

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