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02.24.15 setting goals (blog)

3 Crafty + Creative Ways to Set Goals

Are you tired of goal setting? Confession time: I’m kind of over it. This, from the woman who used to lay out her new year’s goals in nice neat bullets, organized by category: Fitness, Career Travel…I even had a category for Fun. The woman who makes lists and loves to be measured, assessed, … [Read More...]

02.17.15 Brands for all markets (blog)

Heed the mouse: Who do you serve and what do they need?

A trip to Disneyland and my husband’s profound comment recently put me in my place. Here’s the tale: In my own book, Branding Basics for Small Business (2nd Edition), there’s a passage titled: All Markets Have a Brand Need. In it, I seek to clarify that “brand” is not just about high-end “luxury … [Read More...]