Branding is not a part-time job

How can you control your brand amidst all the user-generated content on social media these days? Here’s the last of my 3-part interview with Sima Dahl (@simasays) on branding. We talk about how the best way you can feel okay about letting go of your brand to the masses is to actually live up to your brand promise in everything you do. And to participate in that community early and often to help shape the message.

This is why developing a brand strategy is simple; living up to it takes a lot more vigilance and discipline. The best brands are not the best brands because they established themselves over night. They are the best because they deliver on their promises, because their products and services reflect the brand, and thousands of little touchpoints continually promote that consistent brand experience.

Once you have your brand strategy in place, you need to constantly check in and ensure all the touchpoints continually echo your message. Like a conductor, you need to make sure every single musician, down to the guy playing the triangle, plays off the same sheet music and blends harmoniously together so that the overture sounds like one amazing, unified piece of art.

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