Does your brand need a facelift?

Does your brand need a facelift? Read part 2 of my interview with marekting consultant and social media expert Sima Dahl (@simasays). We dish about what you need to consider when refreshing your brand and when you should do so.

Would love my designer comrades to weigh in on the following conundrum:

One extra point that we didn’t get to in the interview. Needing to refresh the brand look and feel specifically (remember, “brand” is more than just the visual elements) is something you should consider when choosing your initial logo, colors, etc. in the first place. It’s important to consider how trendy and “fad-like”the design is and will it wear well with age? You don’t want to have to revamp your design every year, so just keep this in mind. Of course, some companies need to go with a modern, timely look and feel because that is their mission and reason for being (a design firm, perhaps?) but you can find ways to extend the life of your logos and color palette. Apple is one of the most cutting edge companies around there and their brand look and feel has stayed fairly consistent over the years.

Just want to throw out there that this is something you should keep in mind. There are indeed fonts, designs and colors out there that are “so 1999.” You don’t want to be the one wearing shoulder pads and crimped hair to the party (unless they are back in style, of course.)

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