Gratitude Love Letter: The Remix

It’s Thanksgiving in the US this week. Time to, well….give thanks. Or chow on turkey and stuffing. Whatever floats your boat.

I prefer the former, but not in a Hallmark movie of the week kind of way. No need to hold hands around the dinner table and sing Kumbaya. I prefer gratitude in the quiet of a crisp late Autumn sunset. Or a walk through the park with Eddie the Wonder Dog, sans cell phone, iPod or any other digital distraction. Watching his shadow bounce alongside me, feeling the California sun warm my face (even when it’s 50 degrees) and hearing the squirrels scamper up the nearby trees is music enough.

Your business, your project, your book, your dream. Yes, it was your hard work and determination that brought it to life. But surely…surely…you didn’t do it alone. So who can you thank? Who can you honor? For whom can you buy a cocktail?

Thank you…

Give thanks: No business is an island, even if you’re a solo entrepreneur (tweet this!)

Who deserves your thanks this week? Who makes your business or life work seamlessly? Please share in the Comments (and be sure to thank them as well!)

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