In addition to being a brand strategist, I balance business savvy with a creative fire that just refuses to burn out. My writing can be found on lifestyle sites, local magazines and business outlets such as The Huffington Post,, OPEN Forum, MarketingProfs, Microsoft Small Business Blog UK, Seattle Business and many more. Oh, to keep my creative storytelling mojo working, I’m also an actress.

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Branding Basics BookBranding Basics for Small Business: How to Create an Irresistible Brand on Any Budget, 2nd Edition by Maria Ross (2014, Northern Lights Press)

The book experts call, “a roadmap leading small businesses in the right direction,” has been updated with new and actionable content for small business owners, entrepreneurs, startup founders and even non-profit leaders. New expert interviews on content marketing, networking, customer engagement, email marketing, social media and more + fresh case studies from small businesses that will inspire you! Learn More + Buy the Book!

Rebooting My Brain BookRebooting My Brain: How a Freak Aneurysm Reframed My Life by Maria Ross (2012, Red Slice Press)

Rebooting My Brain is the true story of what happens when you get yanked out of your life by a crisis―and have to get back on the ride all over again. With refreshing candor, Maria Ross shares how the relentless pace of her life came to a screeching halt when an undetected brain aneurysm ruptured and nearly killed her. Along her stubborn road back to health, her resulting cognitive and emotional challenges forced her―sometimes kicking and screaming―to reframe her life, her work and her identity.

With humor and heart, Maria reveals the keys to her extraordinary comeback and how her perspective is forever changed, mostly for the better. Funny, touching and real, this book not only shares an inspirational story of transformation but enlightens readers about the surprising effects of brain injury… and explores the question, “How do our brains define who we are?” Learn More, Get Free Chapters + Buy the Book!

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