Does Your Story Connect With Your Customers?

Does Your Story Connect With Your Customers
Does Your Story Connect With Your Customers

While we inherently know this, we need to better understand our customers if we want to inspire and persuade them.

This requires us to speak their language.

Too often, my clients come to me to revamp their brand story and messaging and my initial diagnosis is usually the same: They are talking in a way that doesn’t resonate or connect with their customers.

The messaging is full of jargon. They use terms only analysts like, but that a real customer never expresses. It’s complicated. It’s robotic. It’s not something anyone can emotionally connect to. Because of fear, they use the words everyone else in their industry is using and they wonder why no one stands out.

SEO is important – but it’s not everything.

To speak your customers’ language, you must take the time to LISTEN TO THEM with empathy.

Ask them about the challenges they face, how your solution solves their problems, what they love most about working with your company or product. Develop empathy for your customers, instead of viewing them like “they don’t know any better” (Yes, I have seen this disdain for customers from marketing leadership before!)

And then – this is the hard part: Don’t ignore it.

I conduct qualitative customer interviews for my corporate clients. And some clients love getting all this rich insight – only to ignore peppering their story with the very words their customers use. They say “The analysts don’t like that term” or “It sounds too folksy.” 

You will never connect with a customer, prospect, audience, or human if you don’t speak a language they can understand. If you don’t tell a story they can relate to./strong> (TWEET THIS!)

It’s time to set aside ego. It’s time to take a chance. It’s time to listen to your customers and tweak your story. 

Are you ready to revamp your story for more connection, engagement, and loyalty? Let’s talk about my brand strategy packages and how we can help your brand shine!

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