Guest Inquiries

If you’re here, it means you’re ready to have a lively conversation, answer some insightful questions and ultimately share your journey and message with our audience.

You’re excited and we’re excited for you!  That’s how this works, we believe that the relationship between a podcast host and guest is a partnership that ensures we work together to impress the heck out of our listeners.

Who should apply?

Trailblazing executive, brand, marketing and sales leaders, entrepreneurs, and team builders who operate with compassion, outperform, and smash outdated models of success. Authors and thought leaders in empathy, leadership, psychology, mindfulness, high performance and organizational culture. Experts who can share the secrets of winning teams, brand wins and fails, unforgettable customer and employee experiences, and bold leadership decisions fueled by compassion. Those who can offer practical ways to infuse more empathy into your work and life.

Before you apply…The Ground Rules

This is the honor system, but if you want to be on a show about empathy, I’m assuming you’re a good egg and will abide:

  1. Please subscribe to or Follow the show and listen to an episode or two to get a feel for the vibe and flow of the show.
  2. Please ALSO leave an honest rating and review (about the show or your guest experience) on the podcast player of your choice. The more reviews, the more people will find our interview! Win win.

How to Apply

Please send a tailored pitch to info (at) red-slice.comBefore you do this, please ensure you:

  • listen to an episode or two of the podcast and understand the content, tone and audience.
  • craft a custom pitch that is relevant to my listeners. Sending me your 7 steps to financial freedom or great book idea will not be considered unless the angle is somehow linked to empathy and emotional intelligence.
  • do NOT send me a template pitch that you have blasted to 300 other podcasts. I can tell. They are almost never a good fit and it just fills up my in box. Thanks!

We will review all pitches and get back to you with either clarification or instructions on how to schedule a pre-call.

Thanks for your interest in The Empathy Edge!

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