Alessandra Cotugno: Humanize Your Data to Reveal Emotions

Data-driven leaders, tune in to today’s episode! We don’t often think about creativity as being integral to the role of data analysis, but it is. Today, I talk with Alessandra Cotugno, a global brand strategist and an advocate and pioneer of humanizing data to identify behavioral change. She believes that the data speaks to us if only we ask the right questions. She also explains that to hear what it has to say, a data analyst needs to be both creative and empathetic to uncover the unconscious Why. She has amazing insights into these topics and more for creating a connective brand. 

Key Takeaways:

  • There shouldn’t be a disconnect between the data analysis and branding – they are interconnected. 
  • There is no such thing as knowledge without creativity. 
  • Nothing replaces the human heart and human conversations.
  • The job is not to ask questions; the job is to understand silence.
  • If you torture data long and strong enough, you get a really good sense for what is oging on

“The data speaks to us by clustering in a certain way. Your role as an empathetic data analyst is to understand the “why,” give it a name and story, and then connect more points to gain the true insight.” —  Alessandra Cotugno

About Alessandra Cotugno: Alessandra Cotugno is a global brand strategist and former strategy partner at Ogilvy. As an expert in global brand management as well as data-driven storytelling, Alessandra has 17 years of agency experience at WPP’s Communication Group where she served as Head of Planning & Insights for the BAVGroup practice in EMEA, the world’s largest database of brands and customer attitudes.Alessandra is a pioneer of humanising data to identify behavioural change, helping strategists move from analytics to creativity. Her long list of clients includes Danone, Group Bel, Sanofi, Colgate-Palmolive and Unilever. Together with Dr. Sue Mizera, Alessandra has won two Atticus Awards for Original Thinking in Branding; her findings and methodologies have also been published on ADMAP and

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