August Hot Take: What Is – and Is NOT – Empathy

Welcome to August Hot Takes! To celebrate the podcast’s 2nd anniversary, we’re shaking things up with some solo episodes from yours truly. I’m answering common questions attendees ask during my keynotes and trainings.

First up: What is empathy? And what is it NOT?

Let’s get on the same page about what empathy in the workplace means, and bust some myths and misconceptions leaders have about it that prevent them from embracing it.

Thanks for being here and enjoying the podcast. Would love to know what you think of this Hot Takes format.

Key Takeaways:

  • When the heart and the head come together and take action, that is where empathy flourishes.. 
  • You can understand someone’s point of view and where they are coming from without being a doormat and letting them walk all over you. 
  • The way you approach a difference of opinion is what makes it an empathetic exchange or not.

“Just because you agree with someone doesn’t mean you’re empathetic. And just because you’re empathetic, doesn’t mean you agree with someone. It just means you’re going to find a way forward and you’re going to keep seeking that common ground.” —  Maria Ross

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