August Hot Takes: Why One Workshop Won’t Fix Your Culture

Welcome to August Hot Takes! To celebrate the podcast’s 2nd anniversary, we’re shaking things up with some solo episodes from yours truly. I’m answering common questions attendees ask during my keynotes and trainings.

Will one empathy workshop fix our culture?

Empathy is like a marathon or any other skill you master over time. You need to train for it. Building up an empathy practice with a sustained curriculum and processes is the way to change behaviors. But you have to make systemic changes to reward and model empathy and show that “this is how we do things around here.”

Thanks for being here and enjoying the podcast. Would love to know what you think of this Hot Takes format.

Key Takeaways:

  • Empathy as a skill and as a culture is built over time with practice and engagement.
  • Building an empathetic culture starts with your hiring process.
  • Creating transformational change takes time and effort. It is not a one and done workshop.

“While one workshop is a great start, if empathy is lacking in your organization, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.” —  Maria Ross

Resources Mentioned:

I incorrectly attributed the “Empathy is the input, diversity and inclusion is the output” idea to podcast guest Mike O’Bryan. Mike O’Bryan: Narrative Intelligence. It was actually Rich Hua of Amazon talking about how he is starting an EQ revolution at Amazon. Apologies!

Ann Latham: The Power of Clarity

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