Bronwyn Saglimbeni: The Art of “No Enemy” Conversations

Do you ever wish you were a communications rockstar and the kind of person who can persuade, inspire, delight, and motivate in any given situation? Well, my guest today will share how it’s not a magic trick or something you have to be born with – you can learn to be a great communicator and feel like you have developed a superpower. On the show today, Bronwyn Saglimbeni and I discuss the essential ingredients to being a great communicator, how empathy plays a pivotal role in being a superstar on stage, and how to have No Enemy conversations that get powerful results and create lasting relationships. Bronwyn even reveals three of her favorite modern-day communicators and what you can learn from them.

Key Takeaways:

  • When we meet an audience’s needs first, our needs get met tenfold, every time.
  • You’re not born a good storyteller. We can ALL be good storytellers, it just takes practice!
  • Warmth allows you to be direct.
  • The greatest thing we can do is have a good intention.

“The skill of this new age is no longer going to belong to the people that are really good at fencing conversationally, it’s knowing how to reach across and create a handshake where there used to be fists.” —  Bronwyn Saglimbeni

About Bronwyn Saglimbeni: Bronwyn Saglimbeni is a communication coach, writer, and speaker devoted to helping people SHINE. Known for her playful, irreverent approach to coaching (and life in general), Bronwyn teaches serious transformation in how we communicate, inspire and connect with those around us. She is also the host of the Twenty Minutes with Bronwyn podcast.

Bronwyn has prepared clients for television appearances on American Idol, Real Time with Bill Maher, Bloomberg TV, CNBC’s Power Lunch, the Oprah Show, the Home Shopping Network, and PBS Newshour. Bronwyn has midwifed over a hundred and twenty TEDx, TED Global, and TED talks.

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