Catherine Bell: How to be An Awakened Company and Leader

Your organization is not just some static, monolithic thing. It’s actually a forest – living, breathing, adapting, full of evolving biodiversity. Often leaders get stuck, focusing on our productivity and numbers, and end up underperforming as a result, causing disengagement and mental health crises in their wake. Today, Catherine Bell shares how integrating consciousness, empathy, and relationship-building creates an Awakening Company that combines profitable performance with conscious purpose.

We discuss what an Awakening Company looks like, how empathetic leaders can be more self-aware and conscious in the moment – leading to higher engagement and performance – and she shares an empathic practice to bring you home to your body in a nanosecond. She fuses compassion, relationships, and consciousness with tangible business performance and transformation – your invitation today is to be brave enough to transform your leadership style to reap all the rewards!

Key Takeaways:

Focus on creating healthy, vibrant cultures within your organizations. In the connections, the processes come alive. Our beingness and our ability to relate to one another is where the awakening is. You cannot check your being at the door when you get to work. We all have a sphere of influence. You can create a microculture around you that encourages empathy and connection, without waiting for the decree to come from higher up in your organization.

“We need seasons in our organizations. We need quiet time. We can’t just be relentlessly on the go and at the mercy of productivity. An awakening organization pauses, takes a breath, and then something more creative and dynamic can come in.” —  Catherine Bell

About Catherine Bell:

Catherine is a successful serial entrepreneur, business leader, and best-selling business author who focuses on awakening the fire within as Founder of The Awakened Company. She’s also the author of the revolutionary business book, Awakened Company. Her focus is on helping ignite and sustain the fire within by helping organizations create healthy cultures through her practical experience, wisdom traditions, and business research.  She has taught the Awakened Company process in 23 different countries.  She was recently recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the top 10 innovative CEOs revamping the future.

Previously, Catherine founded BluEra, a Profit 500 executive search firm. As a top-200 growing company in Canada and top-10 in Alberta, BluEra was a successful example of the Awakened Company System in action, one that is being integrated into the Smith (Queen’s) School of Business Masters of Entrepreneurship. She now helps organizations develop culture strategies.

Catherine has been published in Fortune, HBR, Profit, Conscious Company Magazine, Women of Influence, and has written for the UN. She has worked around the globe from the UK to Cuba, with Fortune 500 companies, and serial entrepreneurs.

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