Colin Hunter: Disruptive Leadership and Being More Wrong

Everyone talks about disruption. Disrupting the status quo, the industry, the way we do things with their cool new product or service. But how about we disrupt leadership? How about we learn to embrace failure, build connection, and establish trust as the keys to success? My guest today, author, mentor, and CEO Colin Hunter shares why leaders need to be more wrong in order to be more successful.

Today we talk about why leadership needs to be disrupted, a 3-pronged model for how leaders can increase their impact, how to create more resilience and avoid burnout, and why we need to be more wrong and embrace experimentation and play so we can learn faster – leaving ego at the door in order to find success.

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Key Takeaways:

Self-care and mindfulness are so important. And without it, you do burn out as a leader, especially if you are a good leader and are trying to give of yourself to your team, but it does your team no good if you end up going up in flames.Just like how you recharge your phone every night, you need to do something that recharges you, as a leader, so that you can ground yourself, allowing you to show up better for yourself, your team, and your organization. Utilize the power and energy of everyone on your team. As you lead with empathy and active listening and give them a playground you will see an amazing difference in your team.

“As children, we have this self-clearing mind –  we learn, experiment, play, fall over, fall out with friends, and then we self-clear and we go. But as we grow older, we freeze. If you aren’t doing your work, aren’t practicing disrupting, learning, experimenting every day, then you’ve frozen your mind.” —  Colin Hunter

Episode References:

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Colin Hunter is an author, mentor, coach, and founder of Potential Squared which specializes in creating playgrounds to disrupt the way people are led.  He lives with his family, near London, but originally from Scotland, and still retains his love of the Scottish mountains and the outdoors.  Colin and his team work with their clients to provide leaders and their teams the chance to, as he describes, “Sail their ship out of the harbour and test themselves in rougher seas”.  He is a practitioner and his work and his book are based on personal experience and purposeful practice with his clients.”

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