Daniel Murray: Embedding Strategic Empathy into Business Model

What is strategic empathy? It’s ensuring you embed empathy into your business model – operationalize it, reward it, model it, and hold others accountable. Just as with any other brand value, when you’re all talk and no action, you can never truly reap the benefits that empathy can bring to your team and organization. In this episode, Daniel Murray and I discuss just this topic. As one of the world’s leading experts in strategic empathy, Daniel reveals how you can embed empathy into your business model and we offer a not so gentle reminder about how brains work and how our mental models differ, and how forgetting this can lead to all kinds of strife that can stop you from reaching your goals. 


Key Takeaways:

  • It’s not about the action that was chosen, it is about understanding what is going on behind the choice being made.
  • Dive deeper into the words you are saying in your culture, your brand, and your business model. Understand what you mean when you say” integrity” or “customer service.” 
  • Empathetic rituals are not formed in a vacuum. As you evolve and systematize them, make sure you do not lose the heart behind the ritual.

“When I think about empathy, I try to strip it back to a really simple definition, which is understanding why people do what they do, why is someone making a decision.” —  Daniel Murray


About Daniel Murray: 

Founder, Empathic Consulting

Daniel Murray (BSc, MBA Exec) helps frustrated people leaders unlock the true performance of their people by developing curious and empathic skills to harness the ‘tough skills’ of leadership. His degree in mathematics and background in corporate strategy provides Daniel with a unique perspective blending strategic thinking with empathy and emotional intelligence in practical and pragmatic ways.


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