December Hot Take: Are You Outsourcing Empathy?

Welcome the final Hot Take of 2023! In this final Hot Take of the year, I’ll share a bit about how to find joy in what can feel like a dark, bleak time in the world and what empathy calls us to be for others. And I share an anecdote from my 9-year-old son that prompted me to think about how some leaders are being a bit lazy when it comes to reaping the benefits of empathetic cultures.

Have a wonderful holiday season and here’s to more empathy, joy, and peace in our world in 2024!

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Key Takeaways:

  • Empathy needs to be woven into the way we interact with each other, it cannot be outsourced to HR as the one person for empathy. 
  • Seek out ways to find ways to bring empathy, kindness, and joy into your own home, work, and community this holiday season and beyond. 
  • 2024 promises us another chance to engage, connect, and love. Let’s use it for those purposes and make creating genuine relationships one of our goals for the new year.


“The point of empathetic leadership is that your team members know that YOU, their leader, have their backs, and see, hear, and value them.” —  Maria Ross


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