Diana Cutaia: How Psychological Safety Boosts Performance in Sports – and at Work

What do psychological safety, your team’s performance, and sports coaching have in common? Today, you’re going to find out how belonging helps you innovate and perform beyond even what you thought possible.

Today, Diana Cutaia defines what we mean by “peace” and that it is more than just the absence of violence. She also breaks down psychological safety and how both of these concepts are related. We talk about why psychological safety is such a buzzword, and why some organizations are merely ticking a box and do not truly understand how creating an environment of belonging unleashes potential. We discuss how a leader’s individual behavior is important, but how to go further and address the environment as a whole. Diana shares a few fascinating epiphanies some clients have had when finally understanding what belonging really means. How to create a culture of psychological safety,  and how it impacts performance and risk-taking. 

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Key Takeaways:

  • Creating a better environment doesn’t happen accidentally. You have to remove the bad and intentionally replace it with something good. 
  • Move away from trying to make people “feel” like they belong. We just want people to belong. This is a shift in language we can begin to make today. 
  • Command and control leadership is not effective in every situation. If your goal is to help people develop new skills, you’ve got to find a way to reach people and create an environment in which they can learn.

 “Psychological safety is not just this idea of the absence of harm, but it is the repair of harm and then the repair of systems that perpetuated that harm.”

—  Diana Cutaia

Episode References: 

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About Diana Cutaia, President & Founder, Coaching Peace

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