Don Mamone: People First, Then Profit

In today’s episode, I talk to Don Mamone, whose long career in hospitality instilled in him the importance of customer service and relationship marketing. Don and his wife, Emily, run a successful photography studio based on the people first, then profit philosophy. Throughout this episode, we discuss what people first, then profit really means, and practical ways in which you can implement it in your business. We talk about redefining profit and identifying how you measure your wealth. We also talk about the importance and the value of relationship marketing, as you create, build and scale your business, and how you create unforgettable experiences for your customers.

Key Takeaways:

  • People first, then profit, is not correlative, it’s causal. You won’t be successful unless you understand that if you put people first, the profit will come.
  • Sales is the perfect alignment of your brand proposition and your client’s wants and needs.
  • You can differentiate yourself on a playing field by elevating yourself outside of the competition by HOW you do what you do.

“When you create a brand people love, you take someone on an emotional journey and they become fully committed to you  – then loyalty and championing come as second nature.” —  Don Mamone

About Don Mamone:

Relationship Marketer, Speaker, Eduator

Don’s decade-long career in hospitality culminated with his role as the Director of Events for the world-renowned Beverly Hilton. His time in this fast-paced high-profile career instilled in him the importance of customer service and relationship marketing.

Determined to pursue a life-long passion, Don and his wife Emily opened their photography studio 14 years ago guided by and based largely on these principles learned on the front lines of hospitality. Creating an award-winning studio photographing from Dallas to destinations around the world, The Mamones are confident their success is due in no small part to their People First, Then Profit philosophy.  As a relationship marketer, speaker, educator coach, and catalyst, Don is dedicated to helping business owners and entrepreneurs employ his proven tactics to crush their goals faster and with less work.

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