Holly Ruxin: Evolving the Finance Industry to Move Money with Empathy

When we think of empathy, we don’t often think of the finance industry. In fact, anything to do with money seems to be the antithesis to an empathetic way of doing business. My next guest is leading a revolution to change that and tells us how money was, actually, created to be empathetic. We’re talking today with Holly Ruxin who shares her very personal experience with seeing the impact on customers when an entire industry is not built for empathy, even when the people involved are very kind and compassionate. She gets real about why we don’t associate the money management industry with empathy – but offers hope that it is changing and that we can evolve finance to that next level that humanity needs again in order to thrive. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Money was created to be empathetic. It is a win-win not a win-lose when done right.
  • Money is just an exchange of value. The story we put on it is a feature of our culture. 
  • Understanding what is really happening in any situation is where the empathy comes from.

“We’re seeing big shifts in our financial system and people are really starting to understand that being empathetic feels good. It is how we co-create a better world.” —  Holly Ruxin

About Holly Ruxin:

Holly Ruxin, CEO and Founder, Montcalm

Holly Ruxin is committed to transforming people’s lives by healing their relationship with money. Holly has decades of experience with Wall Street firms such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Bank of America, where she gained a thorough understanding of how capital can be managed to help people and the planet, and also where our financial system needs reworking. She founded Montcalm in 2012 to empower people to manage their assets intelligently, with full personal integrity, and from a perspective of abundance. Holly is also the founder of Trevor TCR, a foundation that awards philanthropic grants to support health, education, enterprise, and the arts, all necessary cornerstones of healthy, successful communities. She has an MBA in Finance from Columbia University and a BA in Economics from the University of Michigan.

Connect with Holly and Montcalm

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