Jamie Greenwood: Why Empathy for Others Starts with Compassion for Yourself

Empathy for others starts with empathy for yourself. Today’s guest, Jamie Greenwood, is going to break down exactly why this is true and how self-compassion makes you a strong leader. She reveals the truth about what self-care really means (and it is not what you think), why ambitious leaders resist self-compassion, and how that can have negative consequences for themselves and their teams. We also discuss the intersection of empathy, self-care and self-compassion, and how it affects you as an organizational leader and in your own personal relationships. Listen in as we break down exactly what self-care and self-compassion means to your success as a strong leader.


Key Takeaways:

  • To make space for compassion for yourself, you have to be a bit of a rebel and push back against what society and culture tells you is acceptable.
  • Self-compassion is being tender with yourself in troubling moments.
  • Without self-care, we live small, contained lives. If you are bored and/or resentful, it is usually because you have no self-care in your life.
  • Understanding our internal landscape will get us out of almost any sticky situation.


“If you first start with being kind to yourself, it is a natural outflow to other people.” —  Jamie Greenwood


About Jamie Greenwood:

Jamie Greenwood, Life and Leadership Coach

Jamie Greenwood is a life and leadership coach, speaker and writer who gives driven women permission and a plan to put themselves first so they can quit the chaos and live life on their own terms.


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