Kevin Perlmutter: When Emotional Motivation Meets Brand Desire

We like to tell ourselves that we make purely logical purchase decisions, but we’re human and we do not. Regardless of the type of business you are in, humans have emotional reactions to every single decision they make, whether they know it or not. Today, brand strategist, Kevin Perlmutter, and I discuss the brain’s limbic system, why marketers should care about it, and how to uncover your customers’ emotional motivation so you can create more compelling messaging and solutions. We also talk about good questions to ask (and which ones not to) and why you need to spend the time and money to diagnose and discover before you simply execute if you want to win, all without emotionally manipulating your clients. 

Key Takeaways:

  • The biggest question you need to answer is “why should people care about my brand?”
  • Being emotionally connected is well beyond being highly satisfied. Highly satisfied is not a high enough bar, customers need to be emotionally connected. 
  • Uncover the reasons why customers are happy – even the ones that you might not be aware of exactly, that’s where the gems are.

“Limbic sparks happen when emotional motivation meets brand desire. ” —  Kevin Perlmutter

About Kevin Perlmutter: Kevin Perlmutter is brand and customer relationship strategist – Chief Strategist & Founder of Limbic Brand Evolution. Limbic is a brand consultancy specializing in emotion, helping business and brand leaders create stronger connections with customers by turning emotional insights into a competitive advantage. Kevin helps brand leaders answer the question: “Why should people care about your brand?”. He applies behavioral science insights and approaches to understand what makes people tick, enabling him to help businesses focus brand strategy, strengthen customer relationships, evolve business plans, offerings, messaging and customer experience. By focusing on emotion and motivation, Kevin’s work efficiently and effectively increases brand engagement and customer loyalty.

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