Kim Bohr: How Empathy Leads to Operational ROI

In this episode, Maria and Kim discuss:

  • How empathy at senior levels of leadership drives operational performance. 
  • Why being curious as a key leadership success factor. 
  • A three phase approach to running empathetic meetings where everyone can thrive and, yes, work can actually move forward. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Clear, deliberate, constructive feedback is empathetic. Be detailed in your praise of your coworkers and employees. By giving those specifics, those actions and results can be replicated. 
  • Getting curious allows you to take advantage of the unique and interesting insights and varying perspectives of your team and those around you. But without listening and being honestly interested in what someone else is saying, you will miss these insights. 
  • The real key in having people shift internally, in their mindset, or in their belief system is to help them gain self-generated insight. 

“The objective is to give deliberate praise and very specific praise so people can repeat that behavior going forward. We want to be really clear, as leaders, of what we want people to do more of and what we want them to do less. That requires us to be intentional, mindful, and observant in order to really deliver that in a way that is truly trying to develop and grow an individual that, again, ends up bringing good results to the organization.” —  Kim Bohr


About Kim Bohr:  Kim Bohr is a Business Growth Strategist, Operations Executive, and Speaker & Author 


Kim Bohr is COO of Waldron, Inc. and Founder of The Innovare Group, a company renowned for diagnosing and repairing organizational and leadership disconnects. In both of her roles, she works with companies and leaders to help them assess, align, and accelerate their strategic priorities that impact talent, execution, and business growth. Kim is a sought after speaker on the topics of strategy execution, leadership, and business growth. Her book, Successes, Failures & Lessons Learned, is a 12-week guided professional journal designed to be a valuable tool for companies to put into their employees’ hands to foster ownership and accountability over performance, execution, and career development goals. The outcome for the organization is greater team alignment between people+process.


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