Michelle Sherman: Why the Most Successful Leaders Combine Resilience with Imagination

Imagination and resilience are the hallmarks of successful leaders, those who can envision the goal before they even know exactly how to get there, and those who can bounce back and learn from failure rather than let it discourage them. Imagination and resilience are what we need, now more than ever, to create a more peaceful, harmonious world. That’s how we’ll tap into new ideas for how to work, collaborate, and perform. Today, my guest, Michelle Sherman, and I talk about the role of imagination and resilience in creating empathy. We discuss how most innovative leaders imagine the outcome they want before anyone even thinks it’s possible. We discuss cognitive replenishment and the role it plays in original thinking – and in coping with modern life challenges, and how original thinking is the result of intentional choices on a daily basis. Finally, we discuss how positive imagination is a skillset you can master, through small decisions you make every day.

Key Takeaways:

  • Empathy and imagination go hand in hand because people need to know that when they give their best, it is valued.
  • In order to imagine possibilities, the first step is cognitive replenishment so that you can be a better thinker of divergent thinking and become more optimistic naturally.
  • We need to think in a new way to solve the problems we have been solving for thousands of years. We created the models, we can change them and think about things in a different way.
  • What we lack is not goodness, what we usually lack is imagination.

“If you want to live an authentic life, be yourself. Be an original thinker, and you will be a much happier, healthier cell in the body of humankind. Only good can come of that.” —  Michelle Sherman

About Michelle Sherman:

Michelle Sherman, Transformational Leadership Coach & Founder, VAST Institute

Renaissance woman. International business strategist. Inspirational speaker. Published author. Transformational coach. Leadership mentor. Citizen diplomat. Visionary pioneer. Spiritual companion. Proponent of World Peace. These are just a few titles earned by the founder of VAST Institute, Michelle Sherman. With a vibrant background in a myriad of industries, Michelle’s vast experience allows her to connect with clients from all walks of life—from C-suite executives to individuals simply seeking direction and a deeper meaning in life. Michelle is also the author of Kindling the Flame:The Art and Science of Cognitive Replenishment, an uplifting guide to optimism, inclusion, resilience and awakened leadership genius.

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