Rae Shanahan: The Empathy Gap: 2023 State of Workplace Empathy Report

It’s 2023 – we had a major global pandemic, geopolitical upheaval, and market ups and downs. So how are we doing when it comes to making the workplace more empathetic and adapting to everything that’s hit us? For 8 years, Businessolver, a leader in benefits technology has conducted their State of Workplace Empathy Report. This report has come to be the gold standard in workplace empathy and leadership. And this year? Well, let’s just say we have some work to do. In some ways, we’ve gone backward, with a widening gap between what the C-Suite thinks about its culture and what HR and employees actually experience. Also, HR is burning out.  And as suspected, employees are craving flexibility as a key empathetic benefit.

Today, Rae Shanahan, who has supported the organic growth of Businessolver from 10 employees to 1500 employees, and I discuss the key findings 2023 State of Empathy Report, what it means for HR and C-suite leadership, where we can continue to be optimistic and push for change, and actionable ways you can close the Empathy Gap in your own organization, regardless of where you sit.

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Key Takeaways:

What is right for one person is not going to be right for another. As a company, understanding what is right for each of your employees, as an individual, is a way in which you can be empathetic. 42% of employees feel their manager has the most impact on building a culture of empathy. More and more organizations are really focused on giving first-level managers training on empathy and caring. Empathy is not about treating people the way you were treated. Gen Z is estimated to make up 27% of the workforce by 2025 and they bring completely new expectations to the workforce, around empathy, DEI, financial wellness, and flexibility.

“96% of employees say flexible working hours is the most empathetic benefit that an employer can offer. That’s something that doesn’t cost a lot, but you can get a lot of love from employees for offering it.” —  Rae Shanahan

Episode References:

2023 State of Workplace Empathy – 8th annual reportThe Empathy Edge Podcast – Rebecca Friese: How to Build a “Good” CultureNPR: Airbnb lets its workers live and work anywhere. Spoiler: They’re loving itAbout Rae Shanahan, Chief Strategy Officer, Businessolver

“Seasoned” executive supporting the organic growth of Businessolver from 10 employees to over 1500.  We live the “Businessolver Way” which means we have an intentional guide that defines our core values, core business, operation principles, our “safe” environment, and common language.  We spend each day training and applying the Businessolver way to grow and delight.

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