Rebecca Friese: How to Build a “Good” Culture

In this episode, Maria and Rebecca discuss:

  • Why mission is the key to creating a culture where people outperform and outdeliver.
  • What is a “good” culture and how you can start creating one. 
  • How to retain the DNA of your culture as you scale and grow. 
  • What the incoming talent generation expects from cultures and how to retain top talent.

Key Takeaways:

  • A good culture is one that aligns on the company’s purpose, mission and vision. Beyond that, everything the company does strategically or tactically connects up to that.
  • Your culture is going to grow, change and evolve as you diversify and bring in new people. You want to keep the majority of it the same, but it is a great thing that it is changing. Society changes as different generations have a voice and world circumstances change, so too will your company change and that is exciting. 
  • To kickstart the change, you need insight from every level of your company as well as what others think about your company. Your aspirational culture is great, but not if it is in discord with what you are actually doing. 

“Shouldn’t work be a place where people are thriving, happy and excited to do good work? Millennials and GenZ have choices. They have been steadfast in not accepting the status quo. And I applaud them because it impacts all of us and creates better workplaces for all of us.” – Rebecca Friese


About Rebecca Friese: A Workplace Crusader with more than twenty years of experience in change management leadership, Rebecca transforms organizations. By identifying outdated practices from the ground floor to the boardroom, Rebecca helps everyone, from Fortune 500 behemoths to hopeful start-ups, build the capacity to implement market-leading cultural changes. Having taken on every role from employee to a consultant to Vice President of People, she knows what it takes to chart a new course for talent management. Now, Rebecca is on a mission to help organizations not just be better places to work, but exceptionally innovative, engaging, and forward-thinking places to work. She’s seen what happens when work sucks for people—when top-performing employees become dejected, disengaged, and ultimately leave organizations, and leaders are left scratching their heads at why this happens more often they expected, and how it affects their bottom line. What matters to employees may be very different than what managers think. In her book, The Good Culture: The Leader’s Guide to Creating a Workplace That Doesn’t Suck, Rebecca provides a step by step approach to creating a Good Culture, making an impact on your people strategy and ultimately the success of your organization.


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