Scott Burns: 5 Work Concepts That Won’t Exist in 5 Years

In this episode, Maria and Scott discuss:

  • The myth of work-life balance and why it hurts your employees more than helps them.
  • Why there is more than one standard organizational structure that can lead to a successful business – and why leaders who refuse to understand that will fall behind.
  • Five workplace concepts that won’t exist in five years – and how to prepare for them now. 
  • What type of culture makes a team successful and brings out the best in your employees. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Create the right culture and do all you can to unleash the potential of the people on your team – get the right people, make them feel empowered to do great work, make decisions, and work together. People will deliver more if they feel empowered. 
  • Research shows that annual reviews don’t work and critical feedback rarely leads to better performance. Move toward real-time mentorship and coaching between the team members where the expectation of learning and improvement gets so ingrained that people will naturally seek and find experiences to help them close any gaps that they may have. 
  • Make opportunities more accessible at smaller increments. Give employees a chance to try something new, to stretch their skills, and learn and grow in many different ways. 

“Right now, we are more aware than ever how fast things can change. Even though the pace of change at work was pretty quick before, we’ve run this giant global experiment that’s going to leave us in a new place. It is important to capture the energy of a moment like this.” —  Scott Burns


About Scott Burns: Scott Burns is a leader in bringing data and technology to complex challenges. Back in 2000, he co-founded GovDelivery, the largest digital communications platform for the public sector, which served over 1,000 government agencies and enabled personalized communication with over 200 million citizens by the time it sold to another company in 2016. 

Currently, Scott is focused on using data and technology to make work better at both the individual and organizational level as the CEO and Co-Founder of Structural, a dynamic people directory and internal opportunity marketplace. Launched in 2017, Structural now serves tens of thousands of employees across ambitious organizations of all sizes.

Scott has been recognized in Business Journal’s 40 Under 40, Titans of Technology, and Federal Computer Week’s Federal 100 list recognizing the most influential people in Federal Technology. Most recently, Scott was recognized as one of Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal’s ten “Most Admired CEOs.”


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