Terri Givens: Radical Empathy to Bridge Racial Divides

We have so much work to do in this country, in organizations, higher education, and our world at large around empathy, and bridging – healing – racial divides, inequity, and injustice. Today, I talk with Terri Givens about her own personal story and her experience researching and addressing racial inequity. She’s got so much great information to share with you today about how to start taking actionable steps towards radical empathy, what we need to do to heal our country and our world around racial injustice, and what higher education institutions can do to make sure that they’re paying more than just lip service and providing an inclusive environment that not only welcomes underrepresented groups and minorities but helps them be successful and graduate. Terri is an accomplished speaker and uses her platform to focus on inclusive leadership, and encourages personal growth through empathy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Know your history. The history of racism is so critical to understanding where we are today.
  • Be humble. Admit when you’re wrong. Listen, try to understand and respond in a way that let’s people know that you listened.
  • Fairness is about making sure that people have what they need to succeed, even when that looks different for different people.
  • Get to know the person. Get paststereotypes and take some time to get to know your community and the variety of cultures and people in your area.

“It’s wonderful to have empathy. But you have to take those next steps. You have to talke action to create change. That’s radical empathy.” —  Terri Givens

About Terri Givens: 

Terri Givens, Founder Brighter Higher Ed and author of Radical Empathy

Terri Givens founded Brighter Higher Ed after a successful career as a political scientist in immigration and European politics. As a former vice provost and provost, Terri has been a visionary leader in the areas of diversity and innovation in higher education. She is an advocate for improving access and opportunities for students through innovative curriculum and the effective use of educational technology. She is an accomplished speaker and uses her platform to focus on inclusive leadership and encourages personal growth through empathy.

Connect with Terri and Brighter Higher Ed:

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