What is Empathy?

In this episode, Maria discusses:

  • What empathy is and how it can be leveraged by brands, leaders, and teams. 
  • The soft skills that allow us to create bottom-line benefits for organizations. 
  • Connecting with your clients and motivating your team through empathy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Empathy takes two forms – affective empathy and cognitive empathy. It is a method of perspective – of gathering information and then using that information to inform a decision or an action.
  • If you’ve cultivated your own confidence and are secure enough in your own skills and ability, you are much more likely to be empathetic because you have room in your head to take on another person’s perspective.
  • Practice curiosity – Get curious about the other person or the other people. Why do they see things that way? Why do they think that’s the best method for success? What are their goals? What’s their intention?

“Empathy means being willing and able to see understand and, where appropriate, but not always, feel another person’s perspective and, further, to use that information to act compassionately.” —  Maria Ross

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